Seventy-Five Years of Grace
Liturgical Press 1926-2001
Mark J. Towney

For readers across the world, Liturgical Press is known for its publications for both the popular and the academic market. In 2001, Liturgical Press celebrated seventy-five years of leadership in Catholic publishing. In celebration of this milestone, Liturgical Press created an overview of its history, work, and purpose from its beginnings to the present day.

Seventy-Five Years of Grace highlights the major publications of Liturgical Press as well as the dedicated people of The Liturgical Press who continue to serve or have served the diverse Church community of the People of God.

For those who have come to know Liturgical Press as a respected liturgical source, a wellspring for disseminating the Word, or simply as a “friend to rely on,” we dedicate this history to you and thank you for your part in helping us meet the needs of worshipers around the world.