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Psallite Year of Mercy

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Below, you will find additional Psallite pieces that will assist your parish in being a witness of mercy during the Holy Year. For each Sunday, Solemnity, and major feast day of the liturgical year, Psallite provides biblically based options for the entrance / opening song (the SONG FOR THE WEEK / DAY); the response song during the Liturgy of the Word (the SONG FOR THE WORD); and the song during the Communion procession (the SONG FOR THE TABLE). The Accompaniment Editions for Years A, B, and C are organized with the three songs for each Sunday, Solemnity or Feast appearing as a grouping. In the Cantor / Choir Edition, which includes all music for all three years (A, B, and C), the songs appear alphabetically. A variety of indices help the user find songs by first line, topic, liturgical use, or scriptural verse reference. 

Psallite Year of Mercy

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