Examination Copy Policy

Are you thinking of adopting a book for class but not sure if it will fit your needs? Take advantage of our examination copy offering.

Here’s how it works:
  • Take a look at our latest Academic Catalog
  • Call or email us with the details of the book you are considering for your course
  • We will send you the book and you can keep it for up to a 90-day examination period
  • If you decide to use the book for your course, keep the book for free by sending the invoice back to us clearly marked “DESK COPY” and indicate the name of the course and the expected enrollment
  • If it’s not the right fit, but you still want to keep it, simply pay the invoice. You’ll get a 30% discount on the book.
  • If it’s not the right fit and you don’t have room for it on your bookshelf, you may return the book for free if it’s in saleable condition (no pencil marks or highlighted passages, please!).

please email sales@litpress.org
or call 1-800-858-5450

All academic books in latest catalog are eligible, except those items marked “net” after the price.
Examination copies are limited to one copy per professor.
Standard shipping rates apply.