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Sing a New Song

The Psalms in the Sunday Lectionary

Irene Nowell, OSB

Sing a New Song
Sing a New Song

ISBN: 9780814620434, 2043

Details: 320 pgs, 6 x 9 x 3/4
Publication Date: 10/01/1993

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The Hebrew Scriptures relate many instances of the people of God breaking into song when they experience the presence of God in their lives. Where is that song of praise in the Christian's life today?

The responsorial psalm of the Sunday liturgy both summarizes the Word of God for the day and invites the community to join, mind and spirit, in affirming their part in that Word. Many books have examined the readings of the Sunday Lectionary. Sing a New Song focuses on the psalms (1991 NAB translation), grouping them by genre, then considering each in its relationship to the set of readings it accompanies.

While the insights of scholarship are used, the intent of the work is to inspire more insightful and imaginative celebration of God's Word. It will therefore be of service to those who preach the Word, those who plan the liturgy and provide music, and most of all to everyone who prays and is nourished by the Sunday readings.


Every cantor should own this book or, at the very least, have ready access to it at the parish. Nowell provides scholarly commentary on all the psalms that we sing on Sunday, and she connects each selection of psalm verses to the other readings for that day.
Melanie Coddington, Ministry & Liturgy