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New Collegeville Bible Commentary: First and Second Corinthians

Volume 7

Maria A. Pascuzzi, CSJ

New Collegeville Bible Commentary: First and Second Corinthians
New Collegeville Bible Commentary: First and Second Corinthians

ISBN: 9780814628669, 2866

Details: 152 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 10/01/2005

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What was originally part of an ongoing dialogue between Paul and the community at Corinth has become vital in today's Christian worship. Maria A. Pascuzzi, CSJ, helps us look at the Corinthian community through Paul's viewpoint, highlighting the struggles and issues of the Corinthian society. Pascuzzi highlights how Paul's attempt to reform this early society can be used to refocus the Christian community today-a community that faces similar struggles.

Pascuzzi gives the background of Corinth, its Greek and Roman inhabitants, the development of the Christian community, and the importance of Corinth's location to Paul's ministry.

Maria A. Pascuzzi, CSJ, STD, teaches Scripture at the University of San Diego.

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Maria A. Pascuzzi has composed a brief one-volume commentary on Paul's First and Second Corinthians for the New Collegeville Commentary series, which also provides the New American Bible translation on the same pages. The comment is deliberately succinct: no footnotes, no bibliography, almost no discussions with other authors. Yet Pascuzzi appears to be thoroughly well-informed concerning hypotheses on the integrity of the letters, Paul's rivals, the possible situation of the Corinthian community. She is equally up to date as to modern exegetical approaches. Her style is simple and clear, agreeably readable. In a sustained, faithful way, Pascuzzi presents Paul's reasoning and line of thought. In short, this is a reliable and excellent brief commentary for an initial and/or global study of the two letters to the Corinthians. It is to be recommended.
Jan Lambrecht, SJ, Professor Emeritus, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgi um

Maria Pascuzzi's commentary on 1-2 Corinthians reflects and captures the dynamic of Paul's reasoning, not only because she is acquainted with ancient Greco-Roman conventions of letter writing, but also because she knows how to highlight the core of Paul's exhortation sand theology. Her presentation not only provides good information about the social, cultural and religious world of the first Christian communities, it helps us to grasp how our lives must be transformed and conformed to Christ's cruciform and paradoxical itinerary.
Joel-Noel Aletti, SJ, Dean of Studies, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy

Maria Pascuzzi has made a solid contribution to the New Collegeville Bible Commentary Series. First and Second Corinthians is affordable, attractively bound, and promises to be welcomed by a wide range of readers. Students, teachers, pastors, and laity will all find this commentary to be a valuable resource in New Testament studies.
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