Dying with Jesus

Dying with Jesus

Meditations for Those Who Are Terminally Ill, Their Families, and Their Caregivers
Angela M. Hibbard, IHM
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Dying with Jesus is for people who are dying and for their caregivers, whether family members or pastoral-care professionals. Each page contains a Scripture passage with a brief commentary, a meditation intended to capture the thoughts and feelings of the dying person, and a response from Jesus. The booklet can be used as a single extended meditation or it can be read a page at a time in any sequence that is helpful. Page headings indicate the theme found in the meditation and can guide the user to the appropriate page for a given moment.

The meditations, rooted in the experience of dying people, may help to identify and give words to many painful thoughts and feelings. By reading a given meditation together chaplains, family members, or the dying person may be able to initiate a difficult but necessary conversation. It is hoped that Dying with Jesus will reveal some of Jesus' human struggle and will make it accessible to all who are facing the same frightening reality. All who use it are especially encouraged to share the feelings and memories it calls forth. This gift of shared experience will enlighten those who accompany the dying and will create a bridge between the gospel story and those of us who hear it today.

Chapters are "Diagnosis," "The Road," "Weakness," "Family," "Caregivers," "Isolation," "The Blind Ones," "Pain," "Stripped," "Inevitability," "Last Breath," "Emptiness," "Mystery," "Hope," and "Traditional Prayers."

Angela M. Hibbard, IHM, is the adult faith formation coordinator at St. Ephrem Parish in Sterling Heights, Michigan. She teaches liturgy at Ecumenical Theological Seminary.

Hibbard has listened well to the fears, anxieties, and hopes of the dying; her ‘Meditation' sections are extraordinary, showing both great sensitivity and honesty. Caregivers and families will hear what the dying themselves may be reluctant to speak.
Paul Marceau, Mission Services and Ethics

. . . this book will be attractive to readers beyond the scope of Catholic tradition due to the author's creative writing style and inclusive theology. The benefit of this book to patients and their families facing life-threatening illnesses lies in the comfort of not being alone with the stages of dying. This book also provides comfort for professionals involved in the lives of dying patients when the surrender of curative intervention stirs helplessness in their hearts.
Peter Wolf, M. Div., M.S.W., Clinical Pediatric Social Worker, Hospice of Michigan

The author's rich, meditative insight into the mind and heart of the terminally ill was like a deep well of consolation for myself as a nurse. This book can be used in any setting and by Christians of all denominations. Caregivers, family members, friends, and the terminally ill will find a treasure of comfort and compassion in this little book of meditations.
Judith Mouch, R.S.M., M.S.N., Assistant Professor of Nursing, Director, Parish Nurse Education Program, McAuley School of Nursing, University of Detroit Mercy

This book will make a thoughtful gift to those who are hurting due to their own or a loved one's terminal illness.
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