The New Dictionary of Sacramental Worship

The New Dictionary of Sacramental Worship

Peter E. Fink, SJ, Editor

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Contributors to this dictionary have been selected from all over the English-speaking world, and it is to the concerns of the English-speaking churches that these essays are primarily addressed.

The dictionary is structured as a theological and pastoral resource, covering a wide range of activities that are constitutive of a sacramental Church. The entries include the strictly theological, the practical liturgical, the pastoral, and the social.

Alphabetical and topical indices, cross-referencing and sturdy, durable binding increase the value of this one-of-a-kind reference work.

Entries include:
Liturgical Reform of Vatican II by Frederick R. McManus
Jewish Roots of Christian Worship by Aidan Kavanagh, OSB.
Sacraments by Bernard Cooke
Reconciliation and Eucharist by Doris Donnelly
Ordination Rites by Alan F. Detscher
Ordination and Women by George H. Tavard
Christian Burial by Julia Upton, RSM
Types of Prayer in the Liturgy by Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ

This Dictionary truly lives up to its declared aim of being a 'theological and pastoral resource' and must claim a place on the shelves of all those who have any concern for what constitutes a sacramental Church.
Doctrine and Life

. . . well conceived and executed . . . a must for every serious library of religious topics.
Charles Dollen, The Priest

I am impressed by its over-all plan and what I have read of individual contributions.
The Furrow

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