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Sacra Pagina: First and Second Thessalonians

Sacra Pagina: First and Second Thessalonians

Earl J. Richard

ISBN: 978-0-8146-5813-0, 5813
Details: 432 pgs , 6 x 9
Publication Date: 10/01/1995


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In Stock | $49.95
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The letters First and Second Thessalonians are traditionally associated with the Pauline foundation of the Macedonian Church at Thessalonica. The first is seen as representing Paul's earliest epistolary efforts and as providing two successive moments in his long relationship as advisor to that community. Soon after leaving the area for the southern province of Achaia, Paul addresses the concerns of the new Gentile converts and at a later period responds more directly to queries received from the thriving and successful community. The second document, written in Paul's name and at a later date, attempts to calm the apocalyptic fervor of the community by reiterating its traditional eschatological and Christological teaching.

After treating these introductory matters, this study provides a new translation of each section of the canonical text, explains in notes the pertinent textual and linguistic features of the text, and then offers in a series of interpretive messages a literary, rhetorical, and thematic analysis of the biblical documents. The constant concern of this commentary is to provide assistance to modern readers in discerning the relationship between the authors and their intended readers. Short bibliographies suggest other important modern studies.

One gets the impression that the author has a wonderfully inclusive knowledge of his subject. He succeeds admirably in bringing to life in all their complexity the multi- dimensional stories of the Christian communities in question. And their art tells their stories as no text alone has or could.
Religion and the Arts

. . . is not just a fine contribution to the broader history of the icon but shows the art of a vast and believing segment of the church, a communion too frequently neglected, if not forgotten, in the West."

. . . an excellent addition to Sacra Pagina.
Raymond F. Collins, Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Richard's translation offers a refreshing reading, his notes carefully discuss the main issues in the exegesis of each unit, and his interpretation provides an insightful understanding of the text. This commentary is highly recommended for scholar, student, pastor, and laity alike. It will serve anyone well who is interested in the interpretation of the Thessalonian correspondence.
Biblical Theology Bulletin

Zibawi's marvelous book . . . reveals the author's scholarship as theologian and historian. It is a beautifully presented work.
Anglican Theological Review

With more than 280 illustrations, 96 in full color, he amply demonstrates his thesis that this art is universal and multi-cultural. The art of these Middle Eastern Churches is not well-known in the West. This is a splendid introduction to it.
The Priest

This commentary on 1 and 2 Thessalonians is a must.