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What Makes Us Whole

Finding God in Contemporary Life
Noel Cooper

ISBN: 9780814632895, 3289
Details: 168 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 09/01/2009


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Books abound on the topic of our longing for wholeness, the goal of every person's lifelong journey. But what, exactly, is wholeness? In this volume, Noel Cooper explores the essential elements for successful personal growth, grounding that exploration in the teachings of Jesus. For Christians, the good news is that God reaches into our lives and leads us toward the wholeness, peace of heart, well-being, and happiness that is our deepest yearning. What Makes Us Whole discusses traditional ideas about God, rejecting some and affirming others, and helps us come to know God as the spiritual power who transforms our lives and leads us to wholeness.

Noel Cooper is a religious educator who has taught and learned from children, teachers, and parents for almost forty years. His introductory book about the Bible, Language of the Heart, won a Catholic Press Award in 2004. He is the father of three married sons and lives north of Toronto, Ontario.

Blending insights from the Bible with the concerns and insights of contemporary believers, this book provides reflections on the meaning of the human journey and on the primacy of God's role in that journey.

What Makes Us Whole: Finding God in Contemporary Life is a Christian book that encourages Christians to find God's hand in their life and follow that path. . . . [A] read well worth considering for those who have lost track of God in their lives.
The Midwest Book Review

As a youth educator I especially enjoyed and appreciated Noel's genuine observations of adolescents and the unique struggles they encounter in the `multitasking' secular society they grow up within. Rarely do I find religious terms redefined so eloquently as with Noel's treatment of old words, like faith-`our intuitive sense of the central purpose of our lives.' It was refreshing to have a religious piece of work feel so new and relevant, as Noel delves into issues like the economic crisis of 2009 and the growing need for global greening action. I was greeted with both realism and hopefulness on these very personal topics.
Anna Tomaselli, Youth Educator

This is a book for religion teachers, parents, homilists, theology students, writers, and seekers of a truly contemporary spirituality. Read it pen or pencil in hand-you will mark it up many times as you say to yourself, `Why didn't I see it this way before? It makes so much sense.' Noel Cooper's work is the result of many years of getting God right, making God readable, and promoting belief in God for contemporary women and men.
Pat Fitzpatrick, Chaplain, Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association, Editor, SPIRITAN Magazine

Jesus promised abundant life to his followers (Gospel of John: 10:10). What does this mean for busy people in today's complicated world? Based on his broad experience as husband, parent and teacher, Noel Cooper provides sound insights from the Bible and psychology as well as examples from daily life. He shows how the foundation of human wholeness is in the God Jesus made known in his teaching and life.
Reverend Canon William Gilbert, Retired Priest of the Diocese of Ottawa, Anglican Church of Canada