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The Gospels of the Weekday Lectionary

Commentary and Reflections
John F. Craghan

ISBN: 9780814633380, 3338
Details: 272 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 10/01/2010


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"Seize the text," John Craghan tells readers in his introduction to this volume. Though he states the seemingly obvious, it is imperative to read the biblical texts in order to begin to mine their depths; his commentary on the gospels of the weekday Lectionary helps readers do just that. Volumes have been written about the gospels of the Sunday Lectionary, but there are few resources that give the weekday gospels their due. Craghan fills that gap by drawing out the features of each evangelist and providing accessible commentaries and reflections for the gospels during the week. Used as a guide for homilists or as a means for personal meditation on the readings, these observations will help readers to "seize the text", to understand the gospels and their relevance for daily life.

John F. Craghan is professor emeritus of religious studies at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. He is North American editor for "Scripture in Church" (Dominican Publications: Dublin, Ireland) and is the author of numerous books, including Exodus in the Collegeville Bible Commentary series and Psalms for All Seasons (Liturgical Press). Craghan has lectured widely in the United States and Latin America. His chief interest is to make the best of biblical scholarship accessible to a wider audience.

Regular weekday Mass-goers relish thoughtful comments on the readings, especially the Gospel passages. Celebrants wish to oblige. John Craghan offers a practical and welcome service. His analysis of the text is enlightening, his reflections relevant and pithy. First class.
Wilfrid Harrington, OP, Professor of Scripture, Priory Institute, Dublin, Ireland

This commentary will find a welcome spot on the bookshelf of all interested in making the Word of the Lord vibrant and exciting for themselves as well as others.
Pastoral Music

John Craghan has provided a precious instrument for all who make the Gospels the core of their daily liturgical and prayer life. He not only states concisely and reliably what the ancient texts say but also helps people today to appreciate more fully the person of Jesus and to face up to the challenges he places before those who seek to follow him.

John Craghan's expertise as a biblical scholar is evident on every page of this book. He not only captures the essence of the gospel message, but he also challenges us with its implications for our present-day lives. These insightful reflections will be warmly received by those who, in addition to other pressing ministerial responsibilities, are called on to preach on weekdays. They will also provide readers seeds that can grow into a rich biblical spirituality.

Dianne Bergant, CSA, Professor of Biblical Studies, Catholic Theological Union