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Liturgical Press

Chants of The Roman Missal: Study Edition

International Commission on English in the Liturgy

Chants of The Roman Missal: Study Edition
Chants of The Roman Missal: Study Edition

ISBN: 9780814633816, 3381

Details: 350 pgs, 8 1/2 x 11
Publication Date: 02/01/2012

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The Chants of The Roman Missal: Study Edition is for celebrants, cantors, scholars, musicians, and everyone interested in the English chant of the newly translated Roman Missal. Introductory articles on the place of English chant in worship, the value of chanting the dialogues and acclamations, and the challenges involved in adapting Latin chant to English are included. Also featured is commentary on every English chant in the new missal by genre 'the Order of Mass, acclamations, prefaces, hymns, and antiphons. This work will prove indispensible to presbyters, deacons, and cantors who hope to be prepared to chant the Mass, for music and liturgy directors, and for anyone interested in singing the English chant in our missal with greater understanding and prayerfulness.


The Liturgical Press has provided an excellent service in pulling all the music out of the Missal-and not all editions have contained all the music written for the book-and putting it into a very beautiful single volume. . . . The binding is great quality and the print of the music is very clear and crisp. It is very much worth the $50. It would make an excellent gift for any Catholic musician or priest.
Jeffrey Tucker, The Chant Cafe