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Welcome to our family of composers and artists!

 Music Submissions

Composers are welcome to submit the following materials to our Music and Liturgy Editor at

  1. Cover Letter: A brief cover letter including contact information, composer background, and a brief description of the works submitted for review.
  2. Manuscript: If handwritten, manuscript must be legible. Computer-generated manuscripts are preferred. Do not send original manuscripts as Liturgical Press is unable to return submissions received for review. The publisher cannot assume responsibility for manuscripts that are damaged or lost en route.
  3. Text: A text-only document of the submitted song. If the song is set in a language other than English, please include a translation.

Upon receipt of your submission, Liturgical Press will send you an acknowledgement email. Note that you may withdraw your work from review at any time.

When preparing a submission, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Liturgical Press assumes that all submitted material is original to the composer. The press also assumes that the material has not been simultaneously submitted to other publishers for publication and that, unless indicated otherwise, the material is completely unpublished and is not under copyright. If there are additional writers and/or copyright holders, the press asks that the composer indicate this information directly on the score.
  2. Liturgical Press requires complete scores for submission. Keyboard accompaniments and vocal harmonies (if applicable) must be included with all lead sheets. Also, the press encourages that keyboard reductions be provided for choral music submitted in open score format.
  3. Liturgical Press can receive electronic files in either PDF or Finale file format only.

Thank you for your consideration of Liturgical Press. We look forward to hearing from you and reviewing your work!