Paperback, 440 pp.
Publication Date: July 2017
ISBN: 978-0-8146-4723-3

Living LiturgySunday Missal combines essential liturgical content with the finest presentation on the market today. This annual, one-issue Sunday pew resource is compatible with any hymnal program and affordably priced for parishes.

  • High-quality cover and paper
  • Gospel reflection for each Sunday
  • Readings and congregational dialogue in large, 13-point, bold type
  • Two-color text in sense lines
  • Includes the rite of the Liturgy of the Word and the Rite for Distributing Holy Communion Outside Mass

Price per subscription per year: (one volume shipped annually)
(shipping & handling additional)
50 or more copies$2.25 net
25-49 copies$2.95 net
5-24 copies$3.95 net
1-4 copies$9.95