Liturgical Text Edition

Paperback, 280 pp.
ISBN: 3049O

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  • This edition has the same features as the Classic Edition but does not include the music section in the back.
  • Partner it with Sacred Song or any other music resource
  • Ideal resource for personal prayer and study as well as a participation aid for use during the liturgy
  • Quarterly publication fits a variety of diverse communities worldwide
  • All texts for each day appear together in easy-to-follow consecutive order
  • Order of Mass includes the ICEL chants
  • Calendar dated, includes readings and prayers for Sundays and solemnities
  • Weekdays and feasts include prayers, reading references, and full responsorial psalm text
  • Contains two music settings of the responsorial psalm for each Sunday and solemnity
  • High quality paper, two-color text pages—inviting and durable
  • Proven readability with large type size and generous use of space
  • Inspires prayer and reflection
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