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Soul Searching

The Journey of Thomas Merton

Edited by Morgan Atkinson, with Jonathan Montaldo

The Documentary as seen on PBS. Noted by GoogleT as a best book of 2008 Award-winning producer Morgan Atkinson's documentary and the companion book of the same title come together for the first time in Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton book with DVD. The documentary DVD is included in the inside back cover of this new hardcover edition of the companion book. The book draws us into the geographical landscape of Thomas Merton's life in America, a landscape that was intrinsic to his spiritual journey. Containing a considerable amount of rich material unused in the documentary, Soul Searching is alive with the narrative of those who either knew Merton well or passionately care about him: Father Daniel Berrigan, Rosemary Ruether, Martin Marty, Paul Elie, and many others. Their insights are linked to the places-from the Abbey of Gethsemani to the Redwoods Monastery in California, from New York City to Christ in the Desert Monastery in New Mexico-that both nurtured and shaped Merton. The picture that emerges, through both the narrative and vivid photography, is filled with provocative insights into the interior landscape of one of the spiritual giants of modern times.

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Hardcover with DVD

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