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Formation of the Heart

The Why and How of Being a Catholic Today

Raymond Friel

Formation of the Heart SEE INSIDE
Formation of the Heart

ISBN: 9798400800610, 00610

Details: 256 pgs, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 5/8
Publication Date: 01/08/2024
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Formation in the faith for many Catholics seems to come to a halt in the teenage years after the Sacrament of Confirmation. With the Church facing a “change of era” in a post-Covid world, now is the time for Catholics of all ages to rediscover how to grow in faith, drawing on the rich resources and traditions of the Church. 

Formation of the Heart is an ideal resource for individuals who are seeking to grow in the faith using the practical resources of the Christian tradition and offers guidance for groups in schools or parishes who are engaged in formation programs.

Raymond Friel was born in Scotland and, after graduating from Glasgow University, has spent most of his professional life in England. He started teaching in London in 1990 and was a head teacher in Catholic secondary schools from 2002 until 2016. In that time, he was a national leader of education and supported other schools as well as his own. He is the author of numerous books on Catholic education.

ISBN: 9798400800610, 00610

Details: 256 pgs, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 5/8
Publication Date: 01/08/2024


"Today we often don’t have 'what' questions as much as 'how' and 'why' questions. In these times, people are searching, seeking and longing for accompaniment, for ways to grow, deepen and live their spirituality. Into this world fortunately comes Formation of the Heart: The Why and How of Being a Catholic Today. Rooted in Scripture and with the chapter’s tender prayers, enticing questions for reflection, and down-to-earth suggestions for actions, this book will accompany and guide your wonderings, ponderings, and desire for holy, healthy living."
Janet Schaeffler, OP, author, retreat and workshop presenter

"Raymond Friel’s Formation of the Heart: The Why and How of Being a Catholic Today is a must read for all adult Catholics, especially for those involved in adult initiation ministry. Too many adult Catholics don’t take the opportunity to continually form themselves, which is so necessary for developing a mature faith–looking past the cultural noise to really see Christ and show us the way. Friel walks us through the basics of Scripture, the sacraments, and prayer from an adult perspective, but in a way that is accessible regardless of one’s level of catechesis. His use of Scripture is inspired, both to inform and for meditation, helping us to look past what we think the Bible says to what it really teaches. He takes the teachings of popes and scholars and puts them into a language we can all understand, helping us to evolve in true faith and love. Friel gives us more than a book–it’s a retreat to be savored."
John McGlynn, author of Your Roadmap to a Conversion Centered Catechumenate: A View from the Trenches

"I thoroughly enjoyed this well written and engaging book. Raymond Friel presents a positive and hope-filled vision of the Catholic faith and how to live it. He blends biblical reflections with Catholic theology to provide us with a solid grounding for our faith. Each chapter invites us to spend time in reflection and discover ways to apply the book’s insights to our daily lives. I especially liked the See-Discern-Act reflection activities. Everyone who wants to grow more deeply in their Catholic faith will benefit from reading and reflecting on Formation of the Heart. This is a book every Catholic needs to read today!"
John Roberto, author of Digital Ministry and Leadership in Today’s Church

"Adult faith formation is the goal of many parishes that make serious efforts at helping parishioners grow in their Christian life. This book can be a guide in fulfilling that goal by both individuals and groups."
The Bible Today