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Come to Me, All of You

Stations of the Cross in the Voice of Christ

Amy Ekeh; Art by Gabrielle Rowell

Come to Me, All of You SEE INSIDE
Come to Me, All of You

ISBN: 9798400800634, 00634

Details: 40 pgs, 5 x 7
Publication Date: 11/02/2023
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An intimate invitation to pray the Stations of the Cross in the voice of Christ.

Walk the familiar path of Jesus’ passion and death, imagining it in intimate detail. Listen to its sounds, breathe its dust, experience its devastation and beauty—hearing all the while the vibrant, loving voice of Christ urging each of us to stay close. Meditations by Amy Ekeh and original artwork by Gabrielle Rowell guide us from station to station, helping us to stop and listen, to hear the voice of the suffering Christ and respond to his unceasing invitation: Come to me, all of you.

Amy Ekeh is the director of Little Rock Scripture Study and special content editor at Liturgical Press. She is the author of several books, including Lent, Season of Transformation, and is a contributor to The Bible Today and Give Us This Day. Amy lives in Milford, Connecticut, with her husband and their four children.

Gabrielle Rowell is an artist, photographer, and mother living in Washburn, Missouri. Her artwork depicts people and places, reflecting the beautiful complexity of daily life and frequently engaging biblical themes. Visit her at

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ISBN: 9798400800634, 00634

Details: 40 pgs, 5 x 7
Publication Date: 11/02/2023


"Stations of the Cross are often predictable, but in these fourteen encounters, Amy Ekeh places us face-to-face, heart-to-heart with the suffering Christ. We listen to Jesus 'with the ear of the heart' and then respond to him in heartfelt prayer. Each station becomes a transforming dialogue, moving to a contemplative gazing through the bold and tender linocuts of Gabrielle Rowell. Enhance your Friday devotion by accompanying Jesus and becoming personal participants along his way of compassionate love."
Stephen J. Binz, biblical scholar, writer, and speaker, at

"What a beautiful, deeply moving book Amy Ekeh’s Come to Me, All of You is, and how profoundly original in its approach to the Stations of the Cross! In straightforward, direct language (not clichéd, sentimental, or “churchy”) Ekeh imagines what Christ might have been thinking at each station, inviting readers not simply to marvel at his holiness, but to place themselves in the scene and claim kinship through the circumstances of their own suffering and faith journeys. Gabrielle Rowell’s black and white linocut images—at once stark and full of evocative details—complement this approach with inspiration for further visio divina prayer and meditation, as do the evocative “Come to me, all of you” invocations in each station—each one naming a situation, fear, or hope with which readers will be able to identify. This is a book to cherish, one that will richly repay rereading season after season, year after year."
Susan Swetnam, author of In the Mystery’s Shadow: Reflections on Caring for the Elderly and Dying

"Amy Ekeh’s deep meditations on each step of Jesus’s painful journey to the Cross, accompanied by Gabrielle Rowell’s startlingly beautiful linocuts, transform the familiar practice of praying the Stations into something fresh, new, and surprisingly revelatory. I highly recommend this lovely book."
Paula Huston, author of One Ordinary Sunday and The Hermits of Big Sur

"Amy Ekeh invites us to enter into the Stations of the Cross with, as St. Paul would put it, 'the same mind as Christ.' Imagine, she says, what Christ might have been thinking as he walked that difficult path to Calvary and beyond. What Scripture passages would have brought him consolation? Ekeh helps the words of Scripture take flesh in our own lives. In the times when we are faced with suffering and in the moments when we collapse under the weight of the crosses we bear, we can turn to these words as well. These meditations reminded me to think like Christ not just in his passion but in my day-to-day life. Gabrielle Rowell's intense and powerful black and white linotypes brought me to my knees at the start of each station, drawing me wordlessly in to stand with and before Jesus in his passion. Together the graceful text and images brought me more deeply into the familiar story of the passion."
Michelle Francl-Donnay, author of Prayer, Biblical Wisdom for Seeking God

"Come to Me, All of You is a treasure of a book on the Stations of the Cross that promises to draw readers into the quiet and intimacy of divine encounter. Through its unique blend of Scripture readings, meditations in the voice of Christ, and raw, gripping art carvings of each Station, Ekeh has successfully captured the power of imagination-as-prayer. To open this book is to enter a rich space of profound interaction with Christ."
Mahri Leonard-Fleckman, associate professor of Hebrew Bible, College of the Holy Cross, and author of Ponder: Contemplative Bible Study

“For readers who have never tried imagining themselves in the body of Jesus as he makes his way to the cross, feeling his pain and processing his emotions, this book is an excellent entry into the practice. Gabrielle Rowell’s hand-carved linocut prints—one for each of the 14 stations—draw out the emotion of the Bible passages describing Jesus’ last hours. Amy Ekeh’s brief meditations and prayers follow a pattern that draws readers into the universal scope of Christ’s saving work.”
The Christian Century