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Healing Takes Time

David P. Gallagher

Healing Takes Time
Healing Takes Time

ISBN: 9780814615232, 1523

Details: 128 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 10/01/2005
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Loss can occur in many forms, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or termination of a job. Healing Takes Time is filled with 52 meditations and reflections to help people experiencing loss start a journey of healing. This biblical resource draws on experiences from Gallagher's life, and includes a theme, relevant Scripture passages, personal illustrations, and practical steps to take toward healing in each meditation. Just as a physical injury takes time to mend, emotional and spiritual anguish require time, patience, and faith to heal. Perspective is often lost during painful times, and the Scripture passages in this book are a fresh reminder of God's love and faithfulness.

Most people have heard about the stages of grief, but knowing the stages academically is quite different from knowing them in the heart. Healing Takes Time helps those suffering loss, loneliness, and sorrow prayerfully walk through the stages of grief step-by-step. Healing Takes Time is ideal for support groups or people working at their own pace. This short, practical, and focused book is a helpful companion for anyone experiencing emotional or spiritual distress.

David P. Gallagher (, is a professor, author, and Pastor Emeritus with five decades of pastoral experience. He teaches for the University of Sioux Falls and Moody Distance Learning and is the author of three previous books: Senior Adult Ministry in the 21st Century, Aging Successfully, and Havens of Hope.

ISBN: 9780814615232, 1523

Details: 128 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 10/01/2005


Using this book will help the grieving person to regularly set aside a few minutes: to pray and turn to God for the help needed.
Catholic Library World

Because `Healing Takes Time,' Dr. David Gallagher's deceptively brief devotional is all the more important as a companion along the way. For those who have experienced loss in any of its shattering and life-transforming manifestations, this book is a sensitive and encouraging guide. With a seasoned pastor's deep store of experiences and a fellow-sufferer's intimate knowledge of the terrain of grief, Dave shares his vignettes, drawn from his own life and from the losses of those he knows. With a word of Scripture, a brief prayer, and a suggestion or encouragement, he makes God's own concern palpable and real.
Dr. Dennis E. McFadden, President/CEO, Atherton Baptist Homes, Alhambra, California

In his book, Healing Takes Time, Dr. David Gallagher gently takes the reader's hand and together they walk the tough journey towards spiritual wellness through scripture promises and quiet reflections. His support and guidance smooth the rough spots as his gentle voice quiets the restless and provides hope for those who need understanding. Above all, his faith in God's love and compassion for each of us brightly lights the way.
Molly Wright, St. Thomas More Newman Center, Columbia, Missouri

The vignettes, useful Scriptural encouragement, questions for self-reflection, practical-step suggestions, and prayers are relevant, sensitive, and helpful in providing guidance for the healing journey that takes time-with God's help and His healing touch.
Jane Bruzzese, Program Director, Interfaith Community Care, Surprise, Arizona

Dr. Gallagher invites you on a journey of healing in Healing Takes Time. It is a practical guide, offering encouragement for the times when we feel so alone in our loss, offering hope that, in time, God heals our hurts-He is faithful!
Michelle Dionisio, President/CEO, Interfaith Community Care, Surprise, Arizona

David Gallagher has carefully written a book that is sensitive, encouraging, and relevant to all who experience loss. The 52 meditations include themes, scripture passages and personal response that draw you into truth and understanding. I found myself wanting to read more because it made so much sense as I thought of loss in my own life and the lives of friends. This book will be used to heal you and those you know to work through loss and experience healing over time.
Pastor Michael Slater, Author of Becoming a Stretcher Bearer, Founder of Stretcher Bearer Ministries, Whittier, California

Dr. David Gallagher's new book is a winner---big time. It is steeped in the elements of love, forgiveness, grace and hope---through all our tears. Healing does come for any and all who can see the hand of God at work even in the dark clouds that hover all around us. The real-life stories-like the bird guarding the bird feeder, the tragedy of 9-11 and the famous quote of Winston Churchill and others make for great insights and vital topics of discussion. Lay people and staff members of the wider church will find in this fresh devotional book a clear and workable path on the road to healing.
Staff Chaplain Don Farrior, Del E. Webb Memorial Hospital, Sun City West, Arizona

Transitions are hard. In fact, they can be devastating! But why do people who experience the same loss end up at different places? While some stop living and simply exist for the rest of their years . . . others rebound and even excel beyond their previous limits. This book can make a difference in one outcome of the other for many people who will experience such transitions.
Charles Arn, President, Church Growth, Inc., Monrovia, California

From the person who is bereaved or otherwise experiencing loss of hurt, Healing Takes Time is written as a gentle companion-not a theoretical treatise or an instructional manual or a set of lectures or sermon, but as a pastoral encouragement and support. There is nothing intrusive about it. People who turn to it repeatedly over days and weeks will find solace and help, here from an anecdote, there from a carefully chosen quotation from Scripture; along the way a suggestion fro prayer or a useful insight from the day's title or some refreshment simply from the repeated reminder to `take some moments and rest with God.' Dr. Gallagher is a patient and gracious pastor in a time of great need.
Dr. John L. Hiigel, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, University of Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Take some time and sit with my friend David for a while. In time past, he was my pastor. He remains my friend and a fine example of what a pastor should be. In our events, in our losses and in our victories, God's presence is palpable, if we listen and allow god's touches upon us. Allow God's touches upon you through the stories, exercises and encouragement in this book. Take some time, sit for a season, and allow David to offer some of God's caring touches.
The Rev. Michael L. Fry, Associate Pastor for caring Ministries, Grace Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas

Dr. Dave Gallagher offers 60 vignettes drawn from his rich lifetime of being a compassionate, involved and available pastor. His godly optimism shines brightly in his life, in his counseling ministry and in this book on encouragement. As he states `It's easy to say I trust God; it is quite another thing to live that out in my daily life.' Dr. Dave's practical and scriptural lessons will help you meet life's difficult challenges.
Glenn W. Baker M.D., Sun City, Arizona

Written by a pastor with years of experience in helping people work through the grieving process, this book can guide and encourage sufferers to see their losses from God's perspective. Each of the sixty brief, to-the-point meditations includes an illustration from Gallagher's life, relevant Scripture passages for reflection, questions for personal response, action steps to take, and a brief prayer to voice. This warmhearted, uplifting book offers God's comfort to anyone facing emotional sorrow, physical pain, or spiritual heartache.
Roy B. Zuck, Dallas Theological Seminary

Dr. Gallagher knows what loss and grief is-from his own life and from his ministry. Each chapter in this dynamic book moves from personal experience, to relevant scripture, to practical self-examination questions, and finally to powerful encouragement. Every religious leader should have a copy of this book to give to any parishioner going through any loss. It will help.
Paul Eppinger, Arizona Interfaith Movement

Like many of us, David Gallagher knows the pain of loss, both his and others. But David also knows the power of God to heal us in the mist of this pain. This wise, seasoned pastor provides no sweet words, no empty promises, but rather the caring hand that points the way forward in the love of God.
Joel B. Green, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky

Dr. David has done it again! Healing Takes Time is Biblical, helpful, and practical. While avoiding cliché phrases, Dr. David brings help and hope for all who are experiencing pain and loss. We will be using this book in our church!
John Jackson, Senior Pastor, Carson Valley Christian Center

Dr. David Gallagher has brought together in a series of short meditations a helpful word for those suffering the pangs of grief. Their brevity is an asset in a busy world whose demands even the grief-stricken cannot evade. Were one to read only the theme sentence for each meditation, it would provide life for the spirit. But Dr. Gallagher adds some touching vignettes to help the grieving gain the resolution to persevere. Throughout, this book is written with an eye firmly fixed on the Christian hope.
Ronald R. Hamilton, Chaplain, Boswell Memorial Hospital, Sun City, Arizona