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Butler's Lives of the Saints: New Full Edition

Butler's Lives of the Saints: New Full Edition

Supplement of New Saints and Blesseds, Volume 1
Paul Burns

ISBN: 978-0-8146-1837-0, 1837
Details: 262 pgs , 6 x 9
Publication Date: 08/01/2005


Hardcover with Dust Jacket
In Stock | $39.95
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
In Stock | $39.95
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The pontificate of Pope John Paul II has produced an unprecedented wealth of beatifications and canonizations. The twentieth century in particular has been noted as the century of martrys, many of which are featured prominently in this supplement to the new full edition of Butler’s Lives of the Saints, a continuation of the tradition of one of the most well-known and relied-upon reference works of all time.

The Supplement of New Saints and Blesseds covers canonizations and beatifications enacted from late 1999 to the end of 2003 in chronological order. Blesseds appearing in previous volumes who have since been canonized have had their information updated and expanded.

How to live a Christian life of faith is a question every generation has sought to answer. Invariably, they have turned to the lives of the saints. The candidates included in this volume are worthy and offer challenge and inspiration to us all.

Paul Burns is the general editor of the Butler’s Lives of the Saints series and The Butler’s Lives of the Saints: New Concise Edition, published by Liturgical Press.

This supplemental volume is highly recommended to those persons and libraries that already have the new edition of Butler's Lives. Those who do not have the set might consider buying it and the supplemental volume. It is an authoritative reference tool on the saints.
Curled Up With a Good Book

This current volume provides a very useful updating of this series by including all beatifications and canonizations enacted between late 1999 and 2003.
Catholic Book Reviews

Easy, interesting and inspiring reading, the book in many cases leaves the reader wanting to know more about these ordinary people who are now with God.
Crux of the News

This supplement is a dependable and readable resource on the make-up and making of the Church's `holy ones.'
American Reference Books Annual

Those who have come to appreciate the new full edition of the 12 volumes of Butler's Lives of the Saints will be pleased to place the first supplement of New Saints and Blesseds alongside . . . The lives of the saints provide effective stimulation for the daily observance of our baptismal vows, for the practice of fidelity, justice, prayer and contemplation.
Prairie Messenger

Recommended to update your Butler's Lives.
Catholic Library World