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God Speaks to Us in Dreams And Visions

Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan; Marygrace Dulski Antkowski, Illustrator

God Speaks to Us in Dreams And Visions
God Speaks to Us in Dreams And Visions

ISBN: 9780814623664, 2366

Details: 64 pgs, 9 x 10
Publication Date: 09/01/1998
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Grouped around the theme of dreams and visions, God Speaks to Us in Dreams and Visions reveals for children ages 5-10 how God speaks to us through our world, through our history and our literature, and through other people, in our own hearts and lives, in our waking and sleep, and in our everyday activities. The Bible tells us that some of the greatest saints of all times saw and heard the voice of God and God's messengers in the surrender of dreams and in the faith required of the visionary. This experience recurs in the Bible, in stories that tell us how the ordinary reveals the extraordinary.

God Speaks to Us in Dreams and Visions, with its beautiful and imaginative illustrations, is a collection of eight Bible stories. Here children learn how God guards Joseph from harm and prepares for the future of Israel; how God speaks through dreams to his prophet Samuel; how God explains to Daniel the writing on the wall; how God calls the young Mary to be a model disciple; and how God rescues Peter from prison through a vision that enables him to better understand his mission for all times. God is as near to us as our dreams and our visions we have for ourselves and our world; that is the meaning of these stories, and a powerful reminder that our God is named Emmanuel, God-with-us.

God Speaks to Us in Dreams and Visions is a complement to the two previous volumes in the series God Speaks to Us in Water Stories and God Speaks to Us in Feeding Stories.

Eight Dreams and Visions:
Jacob's Dream (Gen 28:1-22
Joseph the Dreamer (Gen 37, 39-45)
God Calls Samuel in a Dream (1 Samuel 1:9-28)
King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream (Daniel 2)
The Writing on the Wall (Daniel 5)
Another Joseph Has Dreams (Mt 1:18-25; 2:12-23)
Gabriel Appears to Mary (Lk 1:26-38)
Peter Has a Vision (Acts 12:1-19)

Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan teaches at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. She has written many articles and several commentaries on New Testament books, particularly the writings of Saint Paul. She earned her doctorate from the University of Louvain in Belgium, specializing in the New Testament.

Marygrace Dulski Antkowski is an artist and member of The Society of Childrens' Book Writers and Illustrators. She lives in Pittsburgh, where she exhibits her watercolor and pastel paintings.

ISBN: 9780814623664, 2366

Details: 64 pgs, 9 x 10
Publication Date: 09/01/1998


This book is an important step forward in the study of the Bible. . . . The authors deserve our thanks for the years of work and cooperation which were necessary to complete this project.
Loren Mack-Fisher

This excellent fresh study of parallel texts found in the Books of Chronicles and elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible is both a contribution to the recent scholarly interest in Chronicles and a superb tool to help further that interest. . . . A splendid plan, splendidly brought to completion.
Walter Harrelson

. . . supersedes all earlier English works and will serve students well.
The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Students (and I suspect even one or two teachers) will find this useful.
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament