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Oracional bilingüe para niños

A Children's Prayerbook in Spanish-English

Compiled by Jorge Perales; Thérèse U. Grisewood, RSM; and Renèe Domeier, OSB

Oracional bilingüe para niños
Oracional bilingüe para niños

ISBN: 9780814624593, 2459

Details: 96 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 11/01/2012

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Bilingual / bilingüe

This prayerbook, updated to conform to The Roman Missal, Third Edition, provides English and Spanish texts for prayers commonly used by children. It includes the Our Father, Hail Mary, Apostle's Creed, the Ten Commandments, as well as prayers for confession and communion, the Station of the Cross, and the Rosary.

The English text appears on the left page, with the Spanish text of the same prayer directly across from it on the right page. These prayers were compiled by the Reverend Jorge Perales, Sr. Thérèse U. Grisewood, RSM, and Renèe Domeier, OSB.

Este libro de oraciones da el texto para las oraciones más comunes para niños. Incluye el Padre Nuestro, Ave María, el Credo de los Apóstoles, los Diez Mandamientos, así como oraciones para la confesión y la comunión, el Vía Crucis, y el Rosario.

El libro está preparado de modo que el texto en inglés aparece en la página izquierda y el texto en español, de la misma oración, aparece directamente en frente en la pagina derecha. Las oraciones fueron compilados por el Padre Jorge Perales, Sor Thérèse U. Grisewood, RSM, y Sor Renèe Domeier, OSB.


What a creative, practical blend of languages, illustrations and prayerful gems from our devotional, liturgical and scriptural traditions! The compilers and artist have prepared for children—why only children?—a thoughtful gift of fine treasures. With original writing and familiar words, this collection celebrates private times and public events in the prayer life of a family.
James A. Wilde

The book is a real treasure for Spanish speaking families or individuals learning to pray in English or for English speaking families or individuals learning to pray in Spanish. People engaged in Hispanic ministry will find this useful for people at all age levels.
Stefanie Weisgram, OSB, Review Editor, Sisters Today