Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

Sabbath Blessings
Molly Wolf

ISBN: 9780814625064, 2506
Details: 152 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 07/01/1998


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Failing to notice God in daily life may be what keeps us from experiencing the full joy of God's presence. In Hiding in Plain Sight, Molly Wolf shows that, by relating God-talk to the practical and the everyday, we can find love, joy, and God right where we are: "hiding in plain sight."

These short, lively pieces pull together the sacred and the human, looking for God in such ordinary things as lilacs, mud season, turtles, dancing ants, a handful of sheep's wool, the turn of the season, and plumbing—all places where Wolf suggests God can be found "not locked in the tabernacle, not hiding behind a mass of complex concepts, not absent from our pain, not out of reach, but here with us, in us, and among us, in the laundry, the scutwork, and the landscape we walk through."

Intelligent, often humorous, always inspiring, Hiding in Plain Sight is the perfect book to keep handy for reflection.

Essays are included under the following headings "Herbs of Grace," "Staring at the Cat Bowl," "'Shall We Gather at the River,'" "Three Landscapes," "Come Wind, Come Weather," "Portraits, Chiefly Fictional," "Living in Sin," "The Hand of the Potter," "Outward and Visible," "Living into Grace," and "The Spinner."

Molly Wolf is a writer and freelance editor. Her reflections, Sabbath Blessings appear online. A New Englander by upbringing, she lives outside Ottawa, Ontario, with two sons and three cats.

Molly Wolf senses God at work in unexceptional situations family challenges, generic conversations, natural phenomena, mundane events, friends or others she chances to meet. With earthy substance and uncanny insight she can turn an everyday experience into a serendipitous revelation.
Dr. Wayne A. Holst, University of Calgary

When Molly was a kid she occupied the duller parts of the church service by sneak-reading the psalms. Now you can follow her example. Take this book to church with you and when the sermon is dull take a peek at one of the chapters! Seriously, this is a splendid down-to-earth book for dipping into. There ought to be a copy by your bedside (and perhaps in your pew).
Terry Waite