Preparing To Serve At The Table

Preparing To Serve At The Table

John C. Hibbard

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Although knowing what to do is important when assisting the parish in worship, more is needed to be an altar server. In Preparing to Serve at the Table, John Hibbard expresses that a server must also know something about liturgy: what it is, how it unfolds, why it is done that way, and when it happens. He provides this knowledge, as well as basic "how to" information.

Preparing to Serve at the Table describes the important contributions of servers in the spirit of prayer and worship. Liturgical knowledge and the graceful performance of a server's tasks is emphasized through a detailed explanation of the basic principles of serving. Why servers should come from a broad cross-section of the parish is also expressed and some recommendations are suggested.

With easy-to-understand information and a "how to do it" approach, Preparing to Serve at the Table is a useful tool for beginning and experienced servers, as well as those responsible for their training. Chapters are "General Principles of Liturgy," "General Principles of Serving," "The Ministry of Serving," and "Terminology of Celebration." A bibliography is also included.

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ISBN: 978-0-8146-2507-1
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Publication Date: 01/01/1998