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Liturgical Press

Twelve Keys to Prayer

Jerome Kodell, OSB

Twelve Keys to Prayer
Twelve Keys to Prayer

ISBN: 9780814625804, 2580

Details: 16 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 10/01/1999

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With all of the information available about prayer, people wonder how to sort through it all. How do we learn to pray? When should we pray? What do we pray about? In Twelve Keys to Prayer Abbot Jerome Kodell gathers down-to-earth points about prayer from the experience of holy Christians through the centuries and shows how they can be used by anyone who desires to grow closer to God.

Abbot Kodell's keys range from "true prayer, like true love, is a decision not a feeling," to “prayer is not a matter of thinking but of loving; to “no one with a prayer life says that prayer doesn’t work.” Supportive and practical, they remind us that we will learn to pray well only after we begin to pray.

Jerome Kodell, OSB, is Abbot of Subiaco Abbey in Arkansas. He has written on biblical and monastic topics and is author of The Eucharist in the New Testament from the Zacchaeus Studies: New Testament series, and The Gospel According to Luke from The Collegeville Bible Commentary series of books, published by The Liturgical Press.