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Preaching at the Double Feast

Homiletics for Eucharistic Worship

Michael Monshau, Editor

Preaching at the Double Feast
Preaching at the Double Feast

ISBN: 9780814627808, 2780

Details: 240 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 10/01/2006
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Since the Reformation, the focal point of worship for many Christian churches has been the table of the Word’the proclamation of Scriptures and the preaching event. Congregations have been fed, often well and abundantly, at the single feast table of the Word.

But what is the role of preaching in the double feast churches’churches whose normative liturgical worship features rites at the two tables of the Word and of the Eucharist? This is a multi-voiced ecumenical preaching anthology full of insights from those who preside, preach, and celebrate the double feast.

In terms of time, as well as content and structure, proclamation and preaching at the double feast will be very different from preaching at worship that is exclusively Word-centered. Father Michael Monshau adds timely and critical new perspective to the issue by bringing together five significant voices from double feast churches whose presentations, in effect, become varied, short textbooks on how to preach.

Michael Monshau, OP, PhD, is a Dominican priest and the professor of homiletics at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California. He is active in spiritual direction, writing, religious formation, and retreat ministry.

ISBN: 9780814627808, 2780

Details: 240 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 10/01/2006


. . . an intelligent and useful book that is pedagogical rather than controversial; happily, it should find itself in the hands of teachers and students alike.

Those who teach homiletics or sacramental practice may use this book profitably. Those who have opportunity to teach on both of these topics may find it particularity helpful.

In reading this book, veteran preachers will review and refresh their understandings and reframe their experience of preaching, novices will recall aspects of preparation for preaching they may have forgotten or neglected, and teachers will have the joy of peering over colleagues' shoulders to observe other ways to teach key concepts.
Pastoral Music

The five ecumenical writers in Preaching at the Double Feast are thinking of services that provide both scriptural and eucharistic food. The 225 pages ripple smoothly, brightly, quietly over almost every conceivable truth (and some questions) about good preaching. This is an accomplishment.
Review for Religious

The five contributors to this invaluable book on homiletics share their reflections on preaching for the `double feast,' the two-fold liturgical structure of word and sacrament. Each also offers instruction on planning, constructing, and delivering a homily. Father Michael Monshau, O.P., Ph.D., a professor of homiletics, reviews the history of preaching in the Catholic tradition from the early Church through the Second Vatican Council and beyond.
Writing Works

Despite the massive irruption of books on preaching in the last twenty years, very few focus on how the sermon is shaped by the presence of the loaf and the cup, nor on how the sermon shapes our experience of the loaf and the cup. This excellent book, containing contributions from four traditions whose worship regularly includes both Word and table, helps us understand the full-bodied service of worship as `double feast' in which each part helps maximize our experience of the other. The gifted authors help us think about how the table shapes the person of the preacher, how each part of the liturgy has its own integrity even as the service is an organic whole, and even how to teach students to preach in services of the double feast.
Ronald J. Allen, Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th. Miller Professor of Preaching and New Testament, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana

Early Christians put a preached Word together with Eucharist and came across the mystery of God's presence. Here scholars from different Christian communities-Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican-explore the Word-Sacrament conjunction, and then in practical ways tell you how you can go about preaching in the midst of The Mystery. A splendid book!
David Buttrick, The Buffington Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics, Emeritus, Vanderbilt University