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New Collegeville Bible Commentary: Jonah, Tobit, Judith

Volume 25

Irene Nowell, OSB

New Collegeville Bible Commentary: Jonah, Tobit, Judith SEE INSIDE
New Collegeville Bible Commentary: Jonah, Tobit, Judith

ISBN: 9780814628591, 2859

Details: 104 pgs, 6 x 9 x 1/4
Publication Date: 04/02/2015
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These three colorful books offer gripping stories of how God shows his mercy and accomplishes his will through human actions. Jonah is a reluctant prophet who must be swallowed by a big fish before he delivers his message to Israel's ancient enemies at Nineveh that they must repent or face doom. Tobit tells of the trials and tribulations of a family, and the power of prayer as God sends an angel to guide Tobit's son Tobiah on a journey of resolution. In the book of Judith, a simple and courageous widow, rather than an army, saves her people from destruction by a powerful enemy.

This rich commentary explores the significant themes of each book, showing that God is intimately involved with the destiny of humankind.

Irene Nowell, OSB, is a member of the Benedictine community of Mount Saint Scholastica in Atchison, Kansas. She served on the translation team of the revised Old Testament of the New American Bible and the Committee on Illuminations and Texts for The Saint John's Bible. Nowell is a past president of the Catholic Biblical Association. She is a contributor to Give Us This Day published by Liturgical Press and author of Pleading, Cursing, Praising: Conversing with God Through the Psalms; Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, and Numbers of the New Collegeville Bible Commentary); Sing a New Song: The Psalms in the Sunday Lectionary, and Women in the Old Testament, all published by Liturgical Press.

ISBN: 9780814628591, 2859

Details: 104 pgs, 6 x 9 x 1/4
Publication Date: 04/02/2015


In her new Collegeville commentary on Jonah, Tobit and Judith, Irene Nowell beautifully brings these three wonderful stories to life. With great sensitivity and thoughtfulness, this commentary explores the challenges facing the many male and female characters, their differing deeds and prayers, and the corresponding help they receive from God. A very accessible and well-written work, most highly recommended for Bible study.
Mark S. Smith, professor of Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at New York University, and author of the Exodus Collegeville Bible Commentary and How Human is God? Seven Questions about God and Humanity in the Bible (Liturgical Press)

This volume provides an appealing and accessible introduction to three well-loved stories in the Old Testament. The concise commentary combines valuable discussion of the religious teaching with fascinating insights into the literary style of the narratives. The reader will be led into a fuller understanding of the biblical text, which is also printed with the commentary. Overall, this volume is an excellent addition to the NCBC commentary series.
Jeremy Corley, Lecturer in Scripture, St Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland

In this learned and readable commentary Sr. Irene Nowell offers a rich combination of historical learning, theological reflection, and spiritual insight that helps us become better, closer readers of these three biblical books and so better able to hear the voice of God speaking in and through them. Particularly helpful are the questions for review and topics for discussion for each book which highlight the central themes and suggest ways to apply the text to contemporary life. Highly recommended for parish bible study, lectio divina, and homily preparation.
Stephen D. Ryan, OP, Dominican House of Studies, Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception

In Jonah, Tobit, Judith, Irene Nowell provides a richly informative commentary that explores the significant themes of each book, showing that God is intimately involved with the destiny of humankind.
The Midwest Book Review