New Collegeville Bible Commentary: The Acts of the Apostles

New Collegeville Bible Commentary: The Acts of the Apostles

Volume 5
Dennis Hamm, SJ

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Dennis Hamm stresses the unity between the Acts of Apostles and the Gospel of Luke. His section-by-section commentary (along with New American Bible translation), based on the best of recent scholarship, will appeal to teachers, preachers and Bible study groups with its non-technical, yet scholarly style.

Hamm helps visualize Christianity's growth from Jewish roots and the Church as continuation of God's covenant with Israel. Paying close attention to the use of the Old Testament. Hamm demonstrates how the Acts of the Apostles--first addressed to the early Christian community--speaks to our generation today.

Chapters are "The Risen Christ and the Restoration of Israel in Jerusalem (1:1-8:3)," "The Mission in Judea and Samaria (8:4-9:43)," "The Inauguration of the Gentile Mission (10:1-15:35)," and "The Mission of Paul to the Ends of the Earth (15:36-28:31)." Also includes maps and discussion questions.

Dennis Hamm, SJ, PhD, since 1975 has taught Scripture at Creighton University. He is author of the various journal articles and reviews, as well as the three-volume Let the Scriptures Speak, published by Liturgical Press (1999, 2000, 2001).

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This work unobtrusively recaps the history of scholarship on Luke-Acts and provides remarkable new insights, all couched in a graphic style with contemporary illustrations that engage the reader on every page. A remarkable achievement in such a short space. This book will inform your mind and build up your faith.
L. John Topel, SJ, Seattle University, Author, Children of a Compassionate God

Dennis Hamm reads the story of Acts as the dramatic continuation of Luke's story of Jesus and the longer story of Israel. His interpretation is uncluttered and clear and helpful. He is especially good at showing how Luke uses speeches to interpret events as well as the words of Scripture. Here is a scholarship that makes great learning available to ordinary Christians in a manner that is both responsible and accessible.
Luke Johnson

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