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A Story of the Psalms

Conversation, Canon, and Congregation

V. Steven Parrish

A Story of the Psalms
A Story of the Psalms

ISBN: 9780814629062, 2906

Details: 168 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 11/01/2003

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In A Story of the Psalms, V. Steven Parrish relates the book of Psalms and pastoral ministry and sets together recent developments in reading Psalms and current studies of largely North American congregations. In relating Israel's story of emergence, establishment, collapse, and reemergence Parrish explains how in these multiple and often competing conversations we might also hear the Word of God to help today’s congregations in their struggles for identity and purpose.

Chapters are "A Story of the Psalms," “Emergence,” “Establishment,” “Collapse,” and “Reemergence.”

V. Steven Parrish, Ph.D., is professor of Old Testament at Memphis Theological Seminary. An ordained Cumberland Presbyterian minister, he has served in full-time and interim pastorates in Tennessee.


Parrish reminds us that the Psalms, like so many sections of the bible (e.g. the four-fold Gospel), contain many voices that need to be heard.
Catholic Books Review

This book provides an interesting exploration of the Psalms as a story. The strength of this book is its examination of the Psalms within the context of the Psalter as a whole and the movement of the story told by a variety of voices within the Psalter.

By constructing his comparison/contrast model on the book of Psalms, Parrish builds a bridge between an ancient context and a modern one, thereby making it possible for the church to be in communication with the biblical text. This creative study of Israel's past and the church is highly recommended for those in pastoral ministry.
Religious Studies Review