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Prayer in All Things

A Saint Benedict's • Saint John's Prayer Book

Kate E. Ritger and Michael Kwatera, OSB

Prayer in All Things
Prayer in All Things

ISBN: 9780814629819, 2981

Details: 136 pgs, 4 1/4 x 6 3/4
Publication Date: 07/01/2004

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Witness and share in the Benedictine tradition of central Minnesota. Those who share the land of Saint Benedict's (Monastery and College) in Saint Joseph, and Saint John’s (Abbey, University, Preparatory School, and Liturgical Press) in Collegeville, invite you to experience the prayerfulness of Benedictine spirituality and community. The monastic communities, students, professors, oblates, and friends of these two campuses bring together their humble, honest Benedictine values of "Prayer and Work" and hospitality to create this collection which reaches beyond the campus grounds. Prayers are grouped under New Testament quotations, and inspiring photos invite meditation and prayerful listening. The assortment of works is as diverse as the lives of the contributors, including prayers for times of day, moments of rest, thanksgiving, and petition.

This campus prayer book is perfect for college students, alumni/alumnae, professors, oblates, and anybody who feels a bond with College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, or the larger Benedictine community.

Kate E. Ritger is a 2003 graduate of the College of St. Benedict with a degree in theology and secondary education. She has been active in various groups such as Youth in Theology and Ministry, Prison Ministry, BEGIN in Service, and the student Benedictine oblate program.

Fr. Michael Kwatera, OSB, PhD, is director of Oblates for Saint John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota. He’s a teacher and practitioner of Christian liturgy and the author of several Liturgical Press books, including Come to the Feast: Liturgical Ministry of, by, and for Everybody.


Prayer in All Things is an invitation . . . to begin something and to enter into conversation with God and with each other. . . . Influenced by those who went before us, and sure to impact those who follow, Prayer in All Things is a snapshot of our wonderfully rich communities. The photographs, which set off the book's chapters, depict the natural world and our community’s sacred spaces and so tie the words to the place that inspired them.
The Record

I just received the book, and wanted to express my gratitude and congratulations to the editors and contributors for a wonderful accomplishment. . . . The prayers are often thought-provoking but always comforting, with a tone of sincerity and faith that cannot be missed.
Marny L. Benedict, Albuquerque, NM

Benedictine hospitality. . . has flowered in a booklet of prayer that will appeal to many who want to be more attentive to the "deep listening" and the “respectful silence” that monastic community prayer promotes. . . . Among the many moving and expressive prayers, The Universal Prayer attributed to Pope Clement XI will be a happy discovery.
Prairie Messenger

This sensitive collection of prayers new and old submitted by a cross-section of the communities of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University is a treasure chest to be opened daily. Here is freshness, tradition, adaptability, and variety to suit manifold needs. Lay people, monks, nuns, saints and sinners offer us Catholic choices.
William G. Storey, Professor Emeritus of Liturgy and Church History, The University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN