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Liturgical Press

Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream

Margo Sorenson, Katalin Szegedi, Illustrator

Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream
Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream

ISBN: 9780814630044, 3004

Details: 32 pgs, 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
Publication Date: 12/01/2006

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Ambrose the mouse longs to follow in the tradition of his mouse family and help to build the cathedral. However, his mouse cousins tease him because he has been too busy daydreaming to practice the somersaults that startle the tired workers and help them to stay awake. Ambrose resolves to not only help build the cathedral, but to help William the Master Builder find his dream. Join the adventure as Ambrose discovers a way to help William and prove to his mouse cousins and to himself that he can be of value in the building of the cathedral.

With lavish, detailed illustrations by award-winning artist Katalin Szegedi, this story will teach children ages 4-10 about the architecture of a medieval cathedral and inspire them to pursue their dreams.

Margo Sorenson is the author of over twenty-five books for young readers. She has received recognition and awards from various groups, including the American Library Association. She also wrote the children’s story, Ambrose and the Princess published by Liturgical Press.

Katalin Szegedi has been the recipient of many awards for her illustrations including the 2005 Hungarian Illustrator of the Year award and the Hungarian equivalent to the Caldecott Medal in 2001 and 2003. She has also been recognized by the Catholic Book Association for The Weight of a Mass (Gingerbread House; also distributed by Liturgical Press). She is the illustrator of Ambrose and the Princess published by the LIturgical Press. Katalin Szegedi is married and the mother of three children.


. . . would make charming and inspirational Christmas gifts for any child, young or old.
Our Sunday Visitor

How can a small mouse help build a majestic cathedral? That's the question that keeps readers turning pages in Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream, a delightful tale of persistence and courage. While young readers will be charmed by Ambrose and his determination to help William the Master Builder, they will also learn something about cathedral architecture and medieval life as well as the importance of serving others and remaining steadfast to one's dream. This beautifully illustrated, heart-warming story is sure to delight young and old alike.
Bonnie Graves, award-winning children's author

Written for the enjoyment of children ages 4-10, Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream is a wonderful picturebook about a small mouse with big dreams. Ambrose the mouse yearns to follow the traditions of his mouse family and help build a gorgeous cathedral, but his daydreams prevent him from practicing the somersaults that startle tired workers and help them stay awake. Ambrose's dream is no less than to help William the Master Builder find his dream. A lavishly illustrated story about inspiration, courage, and the wonder of seeing architectural beauty gradually take shape.
Midwest Book Review

Entertaining stories illustrated with rich color and detail and convey important moral messages of perseverance, faith and encouragement.
Our Sunday Visitor

Our little Ambrose is back, trying to solve yet another problem. To encourage Ambrose to find out how to make the master builder's dream come true, Grandpa mouse reveals part of his past. Through determination and perseverance, Ambrose not only succeeds in completing his Grandpa's task, he changes the attitude of his once snickering and ridiculing cousins. Its beautiful simplicity of design and balance, anoints the text that is a superb expression of faith and tenderly depicts perseverance. Imaginative in concept and execution, Margo's remarkable story demonstrates that an author can engender in a reader a significant emotional response to serving others. It is fun for all ages to read and truly meaningful to remember.
JoAnne Hale, Area 10 Director, California Reading Association

Author Margo Sorenson and illustrator Katalin Szegedi team up again to bring young audiences a second Ambrose-the-Mouse adventure. Like its predecessor Ambrose and the Princess, this work is set in medieval times and provides a glimpse at the culture of the day. . . . Readers and listeners from 4-10 will enjoy the simple story, history lesson, even the gargoyles, and the gorgeous illustration.
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