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A Way of Life

Four Faith-Sharing Sessions about Sacrificial Giving, Stewardship, and Grateful Caretaking

Joseph M. Champlin

A Way of Life
A Way of Life

ISBN: 9780814630068, 3006

Details: 48 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 08/01/2004

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As Christians we seek to observe a triple approach to stewardship in our daily lives: we believe that everything comes from God; we express in our hearts and with words our gratitude for these gifts; and we share a portion of these blessings—time, talent, and treasures—with others to make this a better world and to build up the church. A Way of Life contains four faith-sharing sessions designed to help participants understand this approach and apply it personally.

As a way of life, sacrificial giving, stewardship, or grateful caretaking does demand a frequent and on-going conversion of the heart. Each session includes biblical passages and reflective prayer, brief instructions and fundamental concepts, extended sharing and group discussions designed to foster this conversion. During the days after each session participants are encouraged to ponder the experience and change their lives accordingly.

A Way of Life includes four sessions: "Session 1: A Theology of Grateful Giving," “Session 2: Discerning My Gifts,” “Session 3: Sharing My Time and Talent,” and “Session 4: Taking A Step Toward Tithing My Treasure.” Also included are “Guidelines for These Sessions,” “The Plan for Each Session,” “Resource Materials,” “Time and Talent Sample Forms,” and “Music.”

Fr. Joseph M. Champlin is the rector at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Syracuse, New York. He is the author of the Sacrificial Giving Program series published by Liturgical Press.


This book is a resource that has long been needed. Essentially it can serve as an adult education series about stewardship in general. The four chapters cover Grateful Giving, Discerning My Gifts, Time and Talent, and Treasure. It is well laid out and can be implemented by parish leaders who don't feel like they are stewardship experts.
Parish Stewardship Newsletter

It is an interesting approach to helping people recognize their responsibility toward the goods of the world.
The Bible Today