Hunger For The Word

Hunger For The Word

Lectionary Reflections on Food and Justice-Year B
Larry Hollar, Editor

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We have all experienced hunger, whether it’s a need for spiritual guidance or physical nutrition. Our hunger for God’s Word can benefit those needing material sustenance. God’s Word calls us to nourish the physically hungry and poor, just as it nourishes our faith and sustains us in our struggle for justice.

Hunger for the Word explores the Lectionary with a focus on anti-hunger advocacy, social activism, and political issues affecting marginalized people. Using insights, images, and stories from pastors, professors, and lay people who are active in anti-hunger campaigns, this ecumenical book offers devotional connections to inequality issues, as well as themes to help in our struggle to understand and eliminate injustice. Hunger for the Word: Year B, edited by Larry Hollar of Bread for the World, brings concern for hunger and fairness into our daily religious life.

With weekly sermon/homily reflections, Hunger for the Word is an invaluable resource for pastors, liturgical ministers and those interested in justice-oriented Bible study and spiritual growth. Also includes suggestions for musical worship, and ideas for children’s sermons to help spread God’s Word of activism, compassion, and integrity throughout the congregation.

Larry Hollar is Senior Regional Organizer with Bread for the World, the nationwide grassroots Christian anti-hunger advocacy movement. He is also an ordained Presbyterian elder, a professional Biblical storyteller, church musician, and liturgist.

This is not an ordinary commentary! It is a treasure trove of practical, theologically sound reflections and tools that all Christians who teach, preach, or preside must have in their library.
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