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Liturgical Press

Israel's Story

Part Two

Dianne Bergant

Israel's Story
Israel's Story

ISBN: 9780814630471, 3047

Details: 112 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 08/01/2007

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In the first volume of this work, Dianne Bergant leads readers in an exploration of the earliest years of Israelite history, from the accounts of creation in Genesis through the divided Kingdom of David. Already drawn into the drama of Israel’s beginnings, readers of Israel’s Story, Part One will be eager to pick up this second volume and continue the journey. Those who have not read the first volume can easily enter Part Two and save Part One for a later time.

From the theological significance of the Davidic monarchy to the prophetic call to covenant faithfulness, from the Babylonian exile to the influence of Greek culture on Jewish thought and practices, from the oral culture to the written word that is now the Old Testament’Israel’s Story, Part Two allows readers to delight in and appreciate more fully both the depth and diversity of our ancestors in faith. Bergant, in these two volumes, stands before readers as the teacher who makes history come alive, in this case helping us discover that Israel’s story is our Christian story as well. Includes a glossary and timeline.

Dianne Bergant, CSA, PhD, is professor of Old Testament studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. She has published numerous works, including Song of Songs in the Berit Olam series and Preaching the New Lectionary, both published by Liturgical Press.