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Psallite Accompaniment/Vocal Edition

Psallite Accompaniment/Vocal Edition

Year A
The Collegeville Composers Group

ISBN: 9780814630648, 3064
Details: 350 pgs , 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
Publication Date: 10/01/2007


Plastic coil binding
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Psallite Accompaniment/Vocal Edition: Year A includes full accompaniments and cantor/schola verses for all Sundays, solemnities, and major feast days of the liturgical year. Psallite is a relatively new collection of entrance, responsorial, and communion songs inspired by the antiphons and psalms of the Roman Missal and is quickly growing in popularity. These songs are easy to learn and use and can be performed with or without instruments. The heart of Psallite comes from the new communion songs, taking the text and themes from the Liturgy of the Word (especially from the gospel of the day) and transforming them into beautiful processional music.

The Collegeville Composers Group includes Carol Browning, Catherine Christmas, Cyprian Consiglio, OSB Cam, Paul F. Ford, PhD, and Paul Inwood

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It gives us a resource to reintegrate into our celebrations the ancient practice of singing the psalms at the entrance and communion processions. Such fine contemporary settings are a welcome addition to the repertoire of parish liturgical music.

Psallite has become an invaluable resource as I prepare various liturgies in the parish and diocese. I find the music accessible for groups of all ages, and our assemblies sing the refrains with ease after hearing them once or twice. For me, the outstanding aspect of Psallite is that our assemblies are singing the liturgy! This is what we should be doing, and Psallite provides the perfect way for us to introduce this practice.
Sister Barbara Ann Long, OP, Director, Office of Divine Worship, Diocese of Monterey, California

. . . the collection is deeply pastoral in the models it provides for music to open/close the celebration, to proclaim God's Word, and to draw communicants to/from holy communion.
Fr. Jan Michael Joncas, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota

This is an amazing project both in its scope and in its vision for congregational song! . . . Highly recommended!
Judith Kubicki, Music Reviews, Worship, January, 2008