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The Creation Story

In Words and Sign Language

John P. Audia; David Spohn, Illustrator

The Creation Story SEE INSIDE
The Creation Story

ISBN: 9780814631744, 3174

Details: 16 pgs, 6 x 7 1/2
Publication Date: 05/01/2007
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In The Creation Story, Deacon John P. Audia provides children with a simple version of the classic story of Creation illustrated in word and sign. Through engaging full-color images and rhyming verses he captures the attention of children, both deaf and hearing, and reminds them that God is living in them and that they are a special part of God’s creation. This story is a first step in helping children to understand that when God speaks we all can hear.

The Creation Story provides a way for parents and children to share not only the story but also the different signs that are used to tell the story. It is the ideal book for those looking to help encourage both adults and children to deepen their faith and serves as a learning tool to expose them to American Sign Language (ASL), the universal language for the hearing impaired. It also gives hearing children a head start on a bilingual education and offers potential to improve literacy skills by introducing them to the benefits of sign.

John P. Audia is a hearing Deacon from the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York. He is in ministry with The Pastoral Ministry for the Deaf and serves as Chaplain for the Deaf community. He is a member of The Sign of the Cross Council, the only Deaf Knights of Columbus Council in the world.

David Spohn is a printmaker, children’s book writer/illustrator and the senior art director of the Hazelden Foundation’s publishing division. Over the past two decades, he has designed and illustrated hundreds of books. He has written and illustrated several children’s picture books of his own, including Nate’s Treasure, Winter Wood, Starry Night, and Home Field.

ISBN: 9780814631744, 3174

Details: 16 pgs, 6 x 7 1/2
Publication Date: 05/01/2007


I am five years old and just learning to read. When I picked up this book, the first thing that I did was to try and follow the sign-language pictures. The sign language pictures were like a game to practice as Mom read the book to me. The pictures were easy enough to follow by myself and I remembered a few of the signs after reading the book one time. The rest of the book was simple and easy to follow. When Mom asked me, I told her I liked the pictures best but I also like to try out the sign language.
Anastasia Graves, Age 5, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Told in rhyme, the seven-day story of creation is beautifully depicted in this small, attractive book. Told in both American Sign Language and English, the words lend themselves to a friendly readaloud. Although small (only 7.5 x 6 inches) the Sign Language directions make this book a terrific, interactive library storytime.
Catholic Library World

Children will love to look at the pictures and to learn the signs while at the same time gaining a deeper appreciation for God's act of creation.
Spiritual Woman

Deacon John Audia is one of those creative and dedicated men of the Church who combine deep understanding of the faith with a lively ability to express it in word and in sign. As Episcopal liaison to the National Catholic Office of the Deaf, I am particularly proud that one of the deacons of the Diocese of Rockville Center has produced such a fine book for young children who are hearing impaired. I heartily recommend this as an innovative and creative way to help children learn the foundational stories of our faith. This book should have circulations far beyond the deaf community to all those who communicate to children both in word and in sign.
Most Reverend William Murphy, Bishop of Rockville Centre

Beautiful in its simplicity, this age old story appeals to all in sign and sound. Signs are easily copied opening the story to deaf and hearing alike, while the simple rhymes are pleasing to the ear. A tiny treasure for introducing young children to the wonders of creation! Parents and teachers of deaf children will welcome this addition to the field of catechetics.
Sister Joan Mary Finn, OP, Coordinator, Pastoral Ministry with the Deaf Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York

This is a delightful book for all children, deaf as well as hearing. The rhyming text and the accompanying signs and illustrations will be a big help for anyone working with deaf children as well as children with language and communication impairments. It really is a beautiful expression of creation as God's sign language of love. Let's hope it becomes the first book of a series!
Fr. Thom Costa, Diocesan Chaplain with the Deaf Glen Cove, New York