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The Oblate Life

Gervase Holdaway, OSB, Editor

The  Oblate Life
The  Oblate Life

ISBN: 9780814631768, 3176

Details: 328 pgs, 5 5/16 x 8 1/2
Publication Date: 10/01/2008

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Recognizing that Benedictine oblates are a diverse and ever-changing lot, found throughout the world in a wide variety of circumstances, The Oblate Life embraces this richness of oblate expression and offers guidance for lifelong spiritual formation in the Rule of Saint Benedict. Drawing deeply on the wisdom of monastics and oblates from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, The Oblate Life is designed as a perpetual source of aid, inspiration, and enlightenment for men and women oblates and candidates as well as oblate directors.


A great resource for both long-time oblates and novices to oblate life, this book could also be informative to those interested in Benedictine spirituality or monasticism. . . . The Oblate Life is highly recommended to oblates, monks, nuns, and those interested in knowing more about Benedictines and others of the monastic tradition begun by St. Benedict.
Curled Up With A Good Book,

[E]xcellent book. . . . We owe Dom Gervase and his assistants a great debt of gratitude for this remarkable achievement.
The Downside Review

What makes this book truly amazing is that the growth of the oblate community has been so prodigious that it has warranted this fine volume to be produced. Bound in a stunning blue and gold cover it is both a worthy gift for someone considering the Benedictine way of life and would be a substantive addition to any library that has contemporary material on the religious life.
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