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Ministry That Transforms

A Contemplative Process of Theological Reflection

Kathleen McAlpin, RSM, DMin; Foreword by Mary Jo Leddy

Ministry That Transforms SEE INSIDE
Ministry That Transforms

ISBN: 9780814632222, 3222

Details: 160 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 02/01/2009
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Ministry is transformative action. As Christians, when we do something in service—engaging the needs of our sister and brothers in the name of Jesus Christ—we minister for the reign of God. The Romero House volunteers, whose narratives undergird this volume, actively construct a theology of ministry while undergoing a powerful sense of personal transformation. In Ministry That Transforms, Kathleen McAlpin:

  • Showcases the Romero House group and her program of Integration for Ministry that provides adult education and ministry formation
  • Lays out a transformative Contemplative Theological Reflection Process leading to conversion, contemplation, and holiness through practice and dialogue
  • Enlists Scripture, social justice concerns, and a cast of critical thinkers in the theology of ministry

Anyone involved in ministry—whether in formation programs, in parishes, or in social justice activities—will welcome this creative, process-oriented framework for ministerial theology and faith development, a framework that is firmly grounded in the minister's grassroots experience.

Kathleen McAlpin, RSM, DMin, teaches spiritual direction at Regis College in Toronto and Creighton University. She directs the Integration for Ministry Program at Regis College, where she also facilitates a contemplative method of theological reflection for both integration and formation for ministry.

ISBN: 9780814632222, 3222

Details: 160 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 02/01/2009


A great example of real life ministry in action and as theology. This little book and McAlpin's model are simply, yet extremely effective ministerial tools in our ongoing conversion.
Catholic Library World

. . . a useful resource for anyone involved in the many forms of ministry.
Catholic Studies

It would serve as a useful resource for anyone involved in the many forms of ministry.

In today's harried and hectic culture, in a Church where ministers are stretched beyond reasonable limits, in a society where the needs of the human family continue to increase, and where we struggle to overcome compassion fatigue, Kathleen McAlpin's Ministry That Transforms is a gift that keeps on giving. Who can profit? Pastors, directors of ministry training programs, social service committees, formation personnel, rectors of seminaries, those engaged with college students on service projects, and those engaged in ministry and service--the book is a gold mine that can assist in the ongoing challenge addressed to all who would become true disciples, the giving of self that leads to a genuine spiritual transformation.
Pastoral Music

This is a great idea and also a reality, one served well here. The idea works, the people work, and so many can learn much here for their own future work in our needy world.
Review for Religious

For those who have wondered about the connection between spirituality and theological reflection, Kathleen McAlpin has provided a clear, compelling, and practical answer. Her integration of spirituality into the theological reflection process is a welcome addition to the several models of reflection-on-ministry currently available. In her approach contemplation guides theological reflection toward the ongoing conversion of the minister and confirms theological reflection as a transformative process not only for the minister but for the ministry performed. The extensive use of personal experiences from those she has worked with, especially members of Romero House in Toronto, gives concreteness and appeal to the model she has developed.
Robert L. Kinast, Center for Theological Reflection

The never-ending demands of ministry can lead many ministers to `compassion fatigue,' an experience of burnout that deadens not only our work but also our spiritual lives. Kathleen McAlpin's Ministry that Transforms offers a path toward new life and fresh meaning in ministry. The book outlines a practical method of theological reflection drawn from the author's journey with Romero House, a Toronto community dedicated to housing and assisting refugees. Through the inspiring stories of seven dedicated individuals, McAlpin shares a model of reflection that is full of wisdom, theological insight, and pastoral sensitivity.
Edward P. Hahnenberg, PhD, Past consultant to the US Bishops' Subcommittee on Lay Ministry, Author of Ministries: A Relational Approach and A Concise Guide to the Documents of Vatican II

The powerful and convincing thesis of Kathleen McAlpin that it is in the service of others and through reflection on that experience we become truly contemplative and authentic disciples of Jesus, is carefully and theologically articulated in this splendid book, Ministry That Transforms. Theories of transformational learning described by the author are brought to life through the experience of seven participants who the author comes to know as they assist refugees of Romera House through the legal procedures required to become landed immigrants in Canada. Particularly meaningful for me was the personal reflection of the author herself as she struggled and learned not to project her own perspectives and spirituality on the participants. This book offers not only content but above all reflection on an experience rooted in a compelling reality.
Margaret Brennan, IHM, Professor Emerita, Regis College