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You Will Be My Witnesses: Music For Christian Initiation

You Will Be My Witnesses: Music For Christian Initiation

Accompaniment Edition
The Collegeville Composers Group

ISBN: 9780814633434, 3343
Details: 64 pgs , 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
Publication Date: 06/01/2010


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You Will Be My Witnesses: Music for Christian Initiation is a collection of new music from the Collegeville Composers Group. For use during the Rites of Christian initiation, this collection will enhance these celebrations in your faith community through accessible melodies and creative arrangements.

This exciting collection includes fourteen unique selections. The Cantor/Choir Edition contains descants and harmonies while accompaniments and reprintable assembly graphics can be found in the Accompaniment Edition. Recordings are available together on one CD to assist you in learning the songs. The CD also makes enjoyable music for personal prayer and a meaningful gift for initiation candidates.

Selections found in this collection include:

  1. Come, Children, Listen to Me
    Song for the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens

  2. Lord, We Praise You
    Song of Affirmation by the Sponsors and Assembly

  3. We Adore You, O Christ, and We Praise You
    Song for the Singing of the Senses

  4. Go in Peace
    Song of Dismissal

  5. Glory to You, Lord Jesus Christ
    Lenten Gospel Acclamation

  6. Lord, Listen to Our Prayer
    Intercessions Litany for the Scrutinies

  7. *Apostles' Creed
    Provided in Latin, English, and Spanish

  8. *Nicene Creed
    Provided in Latin, English, and Spanish<

  9. The Lord's Prayer
    Provided in Latin, English, and Spanish

  10. Litany of the Saints
    Litany for the Easter Vigil

  11. Praise to You, Alleluia
    Song for the Blessing of the Water

  12. One Lord, One Hope, One Faith We Proclaim
    Infant and Adult Baptismal Song

  13. You Will Be My Witnesses
    Responsorial Psalm for the Rite of Confirmation

  14. Taste the Goodness of the Word of God
    Communion Song for the Rite of Confirmation

* Selections not included on the CD

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Judging from the success of the Psaliite series, the simplicity and forcefulness of a melodic language which does not obscure the poetry or the theology of the texts it supports is appealing to many congregations.
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