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Liturgical Press

Lost in Wonder

Rediscovering the Spiritual Art of Attentiveness

Esther de Waal

Lost in Wonder
Lost in Wonder

ISBN: 9780814638217, 3821

Details: 192 pgs, 5 x 8 x 1/2
Publication Date: 01/01/2003

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In Lost in Wonder, Esther de Waal uses the everyday circumstances of our lives—the restrictions and frustrations as well as the gifts and opportunities—as our own way to God. By teaching us how to be attentive to all the seemingly small and insignificant things, she shows how they become windows through which the light of Christ can shine to dispel darkness, illuminate our understanding, and speak to our deepest needs. As we recover the gift of childlike wonder we begin to see that spiritual fruitfulness does not depend on our anxious performance, but is a gift we may receive freely.

Quotations from the Psalms and spiritual writers at the end of each chapter encourage prayerful reflection. Chapters include: Seeing With the Inner Eye, Silence, Change, Tears, Mystery, Gift,and Epilogue.

Esther de Waal is an Anglican lay woman, married with four sons and a number of grandchildren. She lives on the Welsh Borders where she grew up and spends her time gardening, writing, traveling, and taking retreats. She became interested in Benedictine monasticism as a result of living for ten years in Canterbury and has written widely on the Rule of St. Benedict, including the bestseller Seeking God, and A Life-Giving Way, published by Liturgical Press. She holds a PhD from Cambridge and an honorary doctorate from St. John's University for her contribution to Benedictine studies and for her ecumenical work. She was awarded the Templeton Prize for having started the Benedictine Experience weeks that are widely held throughout America and England.