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What's the Smoke For?

Book and Parish Bulletin Inserts Set

Johan van Parys

What's the Smoke For?
What's the Smoke For?

ISBN: 9780814648018, 4801

Details: 168 pgs, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 06/12/2015

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Share expert liturgist Johan van Parys's helpful and engaging answers to questions on the liturgy in your parish bulletin! Based on church teaching and rooted in sound theology, Johan's responses invite inquiring minds to continue to think about what is happening in the church and to be engaged in learning more about liturgy and the arts.

This CD-ROM includes all 91 questions and answers from the popular book, What's the Smoke For? And Other Burning Questions about the Liturgy, provided in .pdf, .tif, and .doc files for your convenience. Each file's title identifies the topic of the content. With purchase of the CD-ROM, all files may be reproduced without charge for bulletins, newsletters, programs, and announcements prepared by noncommercial organizations such as parishes and schools. They may also be reproduced for personal use. The designs may not be reproduced for commercial use.

Johan van Parys is the author of Symbols That Surround Us, is a native of Belgium, and has been Director of Liturgy and the Sacred Arts at The Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis since 1995. Since 1997 he has been managing editor for the award-winning Basilica Magazine. He is a member of the North American Academy of Liturgists and Societas Liturgica.