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Building Bridges, Not Walls - Construyamos puentes, no muros

Nourishing Diverse Cultures in Faith - Alimentar a las diversas culturas en la fe

John F. Burke

Building Bridges, Not Walls - Construyamos puentes, no muros SEE INSIDE
Building Bridges, Not Walls - Construyamos puentes, no muros

ISBN: 9780814648087, 4808

Details: 240 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 02/16/2016
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Are you a leader, clergy or lay, in a Catholic parish wrestling with how to bridge the multiple ethnic, linguistic, and racial communities that increasingly comprise your parish? With these cultural backgrounds frequently come diverse perspectives on everything from how to communicate with each other to how to understand God. In addition, such cultural divisions all too often manifest differences in the access these communities have to parish decision-making structures.

In Building Bridges, Not Walls - Construyamos puentes, no muros, John Francis Burke highlights the dramatic impact the growing Latino presence is having in parishes across the country, considers the theology of inculturation and intercultural ministry, and provides practical pastoral ministry suggestions on doing intercultural ministry. Includes full text in both English and Spanish.

¿Eres un líder, clérigo o laico que trabaja en una parroquia catálica y que lucha todos los días por llegar a las diversas comunidades étnicas, ling üísticas y raciales cada vez más presentes en su parroquia? Estos grupos poseen como parte de su cultura diversas formas de ser y de pensar, desde cámo comunicarse con los demás hasta la misma concepcián de Dios. Además, esas diferencias culturales a menudo implican una mayor o menor posibilidad de acceder a las estructuras de gobierno dentro de la parroquia.

En Construyamos puentes, no muros - Building Bridges, Not Walls, John Francis Burke muestra el impacto tan grande que los latinos están teniendo en las parroquias del país; explica la teología de la inculturacián y del ministerio intercultural; y ofrece sugerencias prácticas para quienes trabajan en este óltimo. Incluye texto complete en Inglés y Español.

John Francis Burke, PhD, is an author and scholar in political science and religious studies. He is presently a professor at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and has served at various Texas universities since 1985. The growing intersection of diverse cultures in Texas informshis intellectual articulation of religion and politics, social justice concerns, and intercultural dynamics. Not one just to “talk the talk,” he has extensive experience dealing with social justice and intercultural issues at the parish level, especially in terms of music ministry. In particular, he has a facility for cultivating multicultural/multilingual church choirs.

ISBN: 9780814648087, 4808

Details: 240 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 02/16/2016


This is an accessible work filled with good insights and excellent recommendations. Burke has made a very important contribution to the study of US Catholicism in the twenty-first century.
Hosfmann Ospino, The Review of Politics

With this book John Burke offers the U.S. Catholic church a gift of inestimable value. Burke brings together the rigorous training of a political scientist, the theological insight of one who spent a lifetime immersed in the Catholic theological tradition, and decades of pastoral experience. The fruit is a practical, bilingual guide that can assist church ministers and parishioners in transforming parishes comprised of isolated sub-cultures into flourishing parishes that celebrate the rich catholicity of our church.
Richard Gaillardetz, Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology, Boston College

In Building Bridges, Not Walls - Construyamos puentes, no muros, Dr. John Francis Burke successfully tackles the age-old question "How can many be one?" In his bilingual book, Dr. Burke delivers invaluable insight into ways the church is able to embrace the challenges of inter-cultural ministry. This book is a gift to the church in North America.
+Ricardo Ramirez, CSB, Bishop Emeritus of Las Cruces

John Francis Burke has written a must-read for Catholic ministers and pastoral leaders. Burke examines the growing multicultural realities of US Catholic parish life, giving readers theological and social science resources for thinking about diversity as well as practical suggestions for multicultural parishes. Readers will appreciate the dual Spanish-English edition and the scenarios opening each chapter. Although Burke reflects most on the US Latino contribution to US Catholicism, he maintains a broad yet deeply researched perspective that it will be helpful for any shared parish context. The book is most pertinent to Catholic contexts but will be interesting to any reader concerned with diversity and ministry.
Tracy Sayuki Tiemeier, Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles)

John Francis Burke fuses the sober insight of a political scientist with the heart of a pastoralist. I highly recommend Building Bridges. Burke recognizes that there is no panacea or simple solution for fostering communication and the exchange of spiritual gifts in intercultural communities. The practical wisdom he imparts in the last two chapters is refreshingly concise and to the point. I fervently wish that we could put this book in the hands of every pastoral agent in the United States.
Peter Casarella, University of Notre Dame

Anyone who is involved in pastoral ministry in today's Church will find rich material and inspiration in Dr. Burke's reflections which integrate his rich pastoral experiences, theoretical insights and practical models related to engaging Catholics of many cultures in living as one Body of Christ and People of God.
Rev. Donald S. Nesti, CSSp, Director, Center for Faith and Culture, University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas

Exceptionally well written, organized, and presented, the inspired and inspiring text is presented in both English and Spanish, making it an ideal and highly recommended addition to personal, church, community, and academic reference reading lists.
The Midwest Book Review

As someone with extensive experience as a lay liturgical leader in various Catholic congregations, Dr. Burke defies the stereotype of the scholar in an ivory tower. This book is packed with socio-cultural and power-relationship theories and suggested changes in perspective and practical strategies. To be sure, Burke's valuable insights are very useful for all involved in ministry, clerical or lay, but because the author brings a strong academic understanding, including concepts from Latino theology, to a real world setting, esta libro es para todo mundo (this little book is for everyone).
Gilberto M. Hinojosa, Catholic Southwest, A Journal of History and Culture

The principles, histories, obstacles, and strategies Burke details provide hope that the Church can minister constructively within the spiritual wealth that is all God's people.

Building Bridges, Not Walls is the most practical book I have read for Catholic leaders and parishioners in the growing number of shared parishes that serve two or more language and cultural groups. It offers essential analysis and counsel as we strive as the Catholic Church to be a sign of unity in a broken and divided world.
Timothy Matovina, Worship

In light of the Eucharist and Pentecost, bridge building across cultures is an inherently Christian task. The fact that Catholic parishes serve increasingly diverse populations makes it a necessary one. The dehumanizing rhetoric against immigrants that the recent election normalized makes it an urgent one. I strongly recommend John Burke's Building Bridges, Not Walls: Nourishing Diverse Cultures in Faith to lay and ordained ministers who are looking for guidance as they take up that task in their parish. This book provides parish leaders (and those preparing for ministry) with clearly-written theological, historical, and pastoral resources to advance intercultural relationships in a way that is culturally sensitive and just.
Victor Carmona, Oblate School of Theology, American Catholic Studies