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English Proper Chants

Melody Edition
John Ainslie, Composer

ISBN: 9780814648100, 4810
Details: 240 pgs, 6 x 8 1/4
Publication Date: 05/19/2015


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Among the prayers of the Mass that vary from day to day (the propers), the Roman Missal includes an entrance antiphon and communion antiphon. English Proper Chants is a collection of beautiful, simple chant settings for these antiphons, with English texts, for all of the Sundays and solemnities of the liturgical year.

The project's composer John Ainslie, an internationally respected liturgist and musician, believes that chant is a musical idiom that continues to have an important (but not exclusive) role in the Catholic liturgy. English Proper Chants reflects his conviction that the use of chant in English requires sensitive handling in order to respect and reflect the particular rhythms of the language.

Both melody (5-line modern notation) and accompaniment editions are available. The accompaniment edition is printed in a convenient, coil-bound format that allows it to lie flat on music stands, while the melody edition is perfect-bound (paperback). Indices of antiphons and of psalms are included in each. Pagination is identical in both editions for easy combined use. All purchasers of either edition receive access to download digital images for the antiphons of any composiiton in the book.

John Ainslie is an English liturgist and musician with over thirty years' experience as a parish music leader. He has been chairman of the Society of Saint Gregory, the British-based association for promoting high standards of liturgical celebration. He has also been general secretary of Universa Laus, the European study group for liturgical music founded by Fr. Joseph Gelineau.

Ainslie's settings are tuneful and pleasant, and they fit the text quite well. In his fine introductory information, the author suggests how to sing the music. The melodies and formulas are certainly within the capabilities of any cantor or choir. English Proper Chants is a welcome edition and addition to enriching the liturgy with the relevant importance of music. Highly recommended.
Pastoral Music

English Proper Chants is a collection of high quality that usefully provides communities interested in chant with English settings. There seems to be more and more interest in retrieving chant, and if we are going to do that, we ought to do it with good texts and music. This fits the bill admirably.
Judith M. Kubicki, CSSF, Fordham University, Past president, North American Academy of Liturgy