Interfaces: Jezebel

Interfaces: Jezebel

Portraits of a Queen
Patricia Dutcher-Walls

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Powerful. Assertive. Evil. What we know of Jezebel, queen of Israel, seems pure malevolence. What we know is what ancient writers, in their attempt to shape a theological history, considered important. More than just an intriguing story, Jezebel: Portraits of a Queen provides insight into a character used (and portrayed) by biblical writers as a negative example. Two portraits of Jezebel are created: that of Jezebel the story character, taken from narrative criticism, and Jezebel the queen, drawn from a sociological study. From two combined portraits, the reader can begin to understand the ancient writers' worldviews, theologies, values, and loyalties. Jezebel’s story gives readers a new perspective with which they may approach all biblical texts.

The focuses on social organization and monarchy will help students study the text within a framework of biblical society.

Chapters are "Method Overview: Narrative Method with a Focus on Rhetoric," “Narrative Method Applied: A Portrait of a Character,” “Method Overview: Sociological Criticism with a Focus on Ancient Monarchy,” “Sociological Method Applied: A Portrait of a Queen” and “The Methods Interfaced: The Portraits of Compared.”

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The Reverend Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls, PhD, is Associate Professor of Hebrew Scripture and Old Testament at Knox College, at the University of Toronto, as well as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

. . . an interesting blend of literary and theological scholarship.
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