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Doing Right and Being Good

Catholic and Protestant Readings in Christian Ethics

David Oki Ahearn and Peter R. Gathje

Doing Right and Being Good
Doing Right and Being Good

ISBN: 9780814651797, 5179

Details: 300 pgs, 6 x 9 x 5/8
Publication Date: 05/01/2005
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Continuing the unbroken conversation on ethics that has endured across the Christian generations, David Oki Ahearn and Peter R. Gathje present Doing Right and Being Good. For Ahearn and Gathje, ethics is the critical reflection on morality, focusing on our beliefs, our practices, our held values.

In addition to the book's wide-reaching selected readings, Ahearn and Gathje offer introductions to each chapter which provide extensive overviews and establish contexts for moral issues over which sincere Christians differ.

The authors examine two broad understandings of ethics: that of doing right (understanding the difference between right and wrong) and being good (specific personal traits). Acknowledging a shared history between Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions, this book takes both historical and ecumenical approaches to ethics.

Engaging, and informational, Doing Right and Being Good aims at providing constructive reflection and dialogue to all readers, regardless of background.

Chapters are: "The Moral Person," "Sources of Christian Ethics," "Interpretations of Love and Justice," "Marriage, Family, and Sexuality," "Political Life and the Problem of Violence," "Stewardship: Work, Property, and the Environment," "Christian Love at the Margins of Life."

David Oki Ahearn, PhD, an ordained member of the United Methodist Clergy, serves as associate professor of religion and philosophy, as well as chair of the division of humanities and social sciences at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia.

Peter Gathje, PhD, is associate professor of religion at Christian Brothers University, in Memphis. He also serves as chair for the department of religion and philosophy, director of De Lasalle Center for Teaching and Religion, and director of the peace studies program.

ISBN: 9780814651797, 5179

Details: 300 pgs, 6 x 9 x 5/8
Publication Date: 05/01/2005


. . . an excellent primer for Christian ethics.
Catholic Studies An Online Journal

This volume is an excellent tool for learning about the commonalities and distinctions between traditionally Roman Catholic and Protestant approaches to Christian ethics.
Catholic Library World

Highly recommended especially for religious studies students focusing on Christian Ethics.
The Midwest Book Review

Views on ethics cannot be considered light reading, but the editors of this work have employed design and language that bring the issues into clear focus.
Carol Blank, Writing Works, Columbia, Maryland

An excellent anthology for ethics students that draws together diverse, illuminating, and engaging readings from many strands of the Christian tradition. Ahearn and Gathje provide valuable background commentary to situate the various arguments and substantive excerpts.
Christine D. Pohl, Professor of Christian Social Ethics, Asbury Theological Seminary

By skillful use of excerpts from many excellent sources, the authors help us to penetrate and appreciate a wide range of both Catholic and Protestant approaches to ethical reasoning. In a most insightful and engaging way, this volume leads students of Christian ethics through the contours of this complex field. I expect instructors of ethics courses at all levels to make good use of this valuable resource for years to come.
Thomas Massaro, S.J