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Liturgical Press

St. Paul's Ephesus

Texts and Archaeology

Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, OP

St. Paul's Ephesus SEE INSIDE
St. Paul's Ephesus

ISBN: 9780814652596, 5259

Details: 312 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 03/01/2008
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In this new volume, renowned scholar Jerome Murphy-O'Connor does for Ephesus what he did for Corinth in his award-winning St. Paul's Corinth. He combs the works of twenty-six ancient authors for information about ancient Ephesus, from its beginnings to the end of the biblical era. Readers can now picture for themselves this second of the two major centers of Paul's missionary work, with its houses, shops, and monuments, and above all the world-renowned temple of Artemis. After presenting the textual and archaeological evidence, Murphy-O'Connor leads the reader on a walk through St. Paul's Ephesus and describes the history of Paul's years in the city. Although Ephesus has been a ruin for many hundreds of years, readers of this book will find themselves transported back to the days of its flourishing.

Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, OP (1935 - 2013), was professor of New Testament at the École Biblique of Jerusalem from 1967. He lectured throughout the world and is the author of numerous books, including Paul the Letter-Writer, St. Paul's Corinth, and Jesus and Paul: Parallel Lives, all published by Liturgical Press.

ISBN: 9780814652596, 5259

Details: 312 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 03/01/2008


This is a real must-have work for the student of the New Testament. The amount of material collected and made available is invaluable. For anyone preaching through the Book of Ephesians, the Book of Acts, or the life of Paul, this volume will be a resource of exceptional value.
The Master's Seminary Journal

. . . a useful collection of classical texts for those planning a visit to Ephesus as well as those studying the New Testament.
The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

. . . St. Paul's Ephesus is, to be sure, first a compendium of useful texts and artifacts, vividly illuminating a city of tremendous importance in early Christianity. For at least this reason, the book will reward careful reading, and the author is to be warmly thanked.
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

. . . St. Paul's Ephesus stands highly recommended; students, scholars, and visitors to Turkey who will make a day stop at Ephesus-all of them will benefit significantly from this useful book.
Review of Biblical Literature

I would recommend the book for anyone interested in obtaining a strong, visceral sense of ancient Ephesus, of the critical role that Paul's time there played in the development of the Church, and of the social context and circumstances in which Paul wrote most of his letters.
Catholic Books Review

Anyone who is aware of New Testament history or has been a visitor to the site of Ephesus in modern-day Turkey realizes the importance of this metropolis in the Roman Empire and in the establishment of the church in the first-century Mediterranean world, and will be grateful for this book.
The Bible Today

[A] must for any biblical history shelf and anyone who wishes to learn more of this ancient city.
Midwest Book Review