The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

Donald Senior, CP

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Which came first: a coherent Passion story or the Gospel of Mark? Contemporary biblical scholarship is divided over this issue of how, exactly, the Passion story developed.

Whatever the shape of the story prior to Mark, it must have been imprinted with Christian experience as well as historical memory. Mark, in turn, felt free to retell and reinterpret that story for his own time and place. The Passion of Jesus was not only a story from the past but also, in the sufferings and hopes of the Christians of Mark's time, a living reality of the present.

The readers of this insightful work will find that the Passion of Jesus as told by Mark continues to hold meaning for the present.

Donald Senior, CP, serves as editor of The Bible Today and is president emeritus of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he is also professor of New Testament studies. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Louvain in Belgium and is the author of numerous books and articles on the New Testament. IN the fall of 2001 he was appointed to the Pontifical Biblical Commission by Pope John Paul II and reappointed in 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI.

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