The Passion: Four-Volume Set

The Passion: Four-Volume Set

Donald Senior, CP
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When we speak of the Passion of Jesus we refer, of course, to the suffering and death that he endured. But "passion" has other connotations equally fitting to Christ's struggle on earth, namely, his unwavering commitment to his pastoral mission.

Since each early Christian community and each generation were different, each evangelist told a unique story of the Passion. The purpose of this series is to invite today's Christians to experience in a new way the power of each Passion narrative.

Each book in the series follows the same format. The opening section shows how the rest of the Gospel prepares for the Passion story. The second and longest section is a detailed analysis of the Passion narrative itself. The concluding section synthesizes the theological motifs that dominate the Passion narrative to suggest some implications for contemporary experience.

An excellent series for both the Scripture student and, since the Word must be lived as well as understood, the pastoral minister.

A happy combination of solid scholarship and pastoral awareness.
John F. Craghan, Emmanuel

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ISBN: 978-0-8146-5457-6
Publication Date: 01/01/1992