Sacra Pagina: Revelation

Sacra Pagina: Revelation

Wilfrid J. Harrington, OP

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More than any other New Testament writing the Book of Revelation demands commentary. Its often bewildering text is easily open to less than scholarly interpretation.

Father Harrington brings his scholarship to the Book of Revelation and conveys its Christian message. He puts the work in its historical and social setting a first-century c.e. province of the Roman Empire and explores its social and religious background and its literary character. Through Father Harrington we hear clearly the challenge of John, the prophet, to the Churches of his time and to ours not to compromise the gospel message.

Scholars, pastors, and theological students who have good background in Scripture and theology will benefit much from this book. It should however, be on the shelf of every university library and seminary.
Catholic Library World

After an introduction, Fr. Harrington provides a new translation of each section of the writing, followed by notes which deal with matters of text and content that require clarification. He then treats the passage as a whole, by discussing its literary character, its theological significance, and its relevance to our situation. A comprehensive bibliography is included to direct readers to important modern studies.

While the struggle between good and evil is a messy affair, Harrington's thesis that Revelation provides a positive perspective for Christians is convincing in detail and substance.
The Canadian Catholic Review

One of the unique features of this volume is the printing of Harrington's continuous translation. . . . the introduction addresses a number of the most pertinent critical issues and the notes and interpretation sections offer steady guidance.
The Expository Times

Have you preached from the Revelation recently? Have you taught a study of the book? Harrington's seriously pastoral and scholarly book would be an excellent place to begin.

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