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The God of Israel and the Nations

The God of Israel and the Nations

Studies in Isaiah and the Psalms
Norbert Lohfink and Erich Zenger; Everett R. Kalin, Translator

ISBN: 9780814659250, 5925
Details: 248 pgs , 6 x 9
Publication Date: 01/01/2000


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In the last three decades there has been a theological re-evaluation of post-biblical Judaism in almost all Christian Churches. That has led to a practical consensus: God has not renounced the covenant with Israel nor has the Church replaced Israel. In the light of the rediscovery of this biblical truth the question of the relationship between Jews and Christians arises once more.

With the studies presented in The God of Israel and the Nations, Norbert Lohfink and Erich Zenger offer a scholarly analysis of the biblical material as a preliminary contribution to the clarification of the question of Jewish-Christian relations. Through the use of canonical interpretation of Scripture and the more recent reader-response theory, the authors provide a suitable theological reading of the biblical texts. A work of high scholarship, The God of Israel and the Nations will appeal especially to scholars, students, and those interested in biblical studies.

Essays are: "The Theological Context: The New Relationship Between the Church and Israel"; "The Concept of 'Covenant' in Biblical Theology"; "Covenant and Torah in the Pilgrimage of the Nations (The Book of Isaiah and Psalm 25)"; "The Covenant Formula in Psalm 33"; "Zion as Mother of the Nations in Psalm 87"; "The God of Israel's Reign Over the World (Psalms 90-106)"; and "Theological Relevance: The Drama of Covenant History."

Norbert Lohfink, SJ, recently taught at the Jesuit Theology School in Frankfurt; he was also a regular faculty member at the Biblicum and is a past member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.

Erich Zenger is a professor at Münster.

This valuable book joins canonical and reader-response approaches to the best tradition of German historical criticism in order to present in a fresh way the biblical idea of covenant. . . . Recommended for anyone interested in reconsidering biblical theology from an ecumenical and inter-faith perspective.
Gordon F. Davies, Dean, St. Augustine's Seminary of Toronto

. . . a highly stimulating resource for all who share its larger concerns. A rich feast indeed; and the issues have lost none of their poignancy and relevance . . .
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

. . . it was refreshing for these authors to open up oft-neglected parts of Scripture and to point out how even they speak of Israel in the context of God's mission and therefore in the context of the nations.
Concordia Journal

An essential first step toward dialogue.
Religious Studies Review

The book makes available . . .the thought of two of Germany's best Old Testament scholars. It is a showcase of the power of historical critical method when interwoven with intertextual and reader-response analysis.
Sean McEvenue