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The Study of Liturgy and Worship

An Alcuin guide

Edited by Juliette Day and Benjamin Gordon-Taylor

The Study of Liturgy and Worship
The Study of Liturgy and Worship

ISBN: 9780814663103, 6310

Details: 270 pgs, 6 x 9
Publication Date: 01/06/2014

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This introductory book for students and general readers sheds fresh light on the study of liturgy and worship, reflecting important new directions in contemporary research. The contributors, who are at the forefront of teaching and research in the United Kingdom, United States, and Ireland and who represent a variety of denominations, offer multiple insights into a range of topics neglected by traditional approaches.

The book is divided into themed sections, influenced by developments in scholarly methodologies in the social sciences, anthropology, philosophy, and linguistics, building on previous textual and historical foundations. Significantly, The Study of Liturgy and Worship has also taken inspiration from the growth of ecumenical dialogue and exchange in recent years.

Academics have praised the book for "its accessibility and clarity"; "the personal tone and examples given by the authors"; "its easy adaptability to both an advanced undergraduate and master's level usage"; "'inspired' organization"; and how "it addresses the themes [of] my introductory course . . . [and my] advanced seminars with PhD students."

Juliette Day is a university lecturer and adjunct professor in church history at the University of Helsinki and senior research fellow in early liturgy at Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford. She is a consultant to the Church of England's Liturgical Commission and a trustee of the Alcuin Club.

Benjamin Gordon-Taylor is a lecturer in liturgy and dean of chapel at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, and director of the Mirfield Liturgical Institute. He is a trustee and editorial secretary of the Alcuin Club and has co-authored or contributed to a number of Alcuin Club publications.


"To the credit of the editors, these essays unfold with a single ‘voice’ without detracting from individual author's experiences and convictions. Each essay is essentially pastoral, urging the students and reader to work diligently toward improving already excellent liturgical worship, or renew a commitment to seek a celebration of liturgy that is more consistent with liturgy's end: to make present in our here and now the saving mystery of Christ."
Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS, Worship